Nagate Ayaka Is Pregnant With Her First Child

4 04 2011

Nagate Ayaka, former Coconuts Musume member, revealed on her blog that she is pregnant with her first child.

The announcement seems to be somewhat calm since Ayaka begins talking about it being cherry blossom season but after the mention of her having a baby belly she seems to be very excited and looking forward to her baby, and while we barely have the announcement with almost no other information I am very glad for her.

Since we don’t have any other information right now we are somewhat left to wonder whether it will be a boy or girl and when the baby might come, and since we won’t know whether it is a baby boy or girl until a few more months we can at least expect to hear about the birth of the baby sometime in December or January (maybe November).

Hopefully Ayaka keeps us updated throughout these next months, but for now:

Congratulations Ayaka!

Official Ayaka Blog Announcement




5 responses

4 04 2011

Congrats Ayaka!

4 04 2011


4 04 2011

I wonder if the kid will be getting surprise English lessons? :D


5 04 2011

Well her baby is Due In December but babies can come in November but it is going to probably be a girl because I read a Chinese Geneder Chart it is 93% accurate but I read it and Ayaka Told us In April of this month, and she is 29 so she is going to have a girl,But any way CONGRATS AYAKA

5 04 2011

Awww Ayaka ;.; You’ve grown so much! Anyway, she’s definately going to have a beautiful child :)

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