Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Spring New Genesis Fantasy DX Setlist Released

3 04 2011

1.Maji desu ka Ska!
2.Fantasy ga Hajimaru
Opening VTR
3.The Manpower
4.Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara (without 9th gen)
5.Ichi Kara Juu Made Aishite Hoshii (with 9th gen dancing)
6.I’m Lucky Girl
MC – “I asked a senpai!” Quiz corner (クイズ先輩に聞きました~!) – Gaki, Aika, Erina, Fuku-chan, Kanon, Riho
7.Suki na Senpai (9th gen)
8.Resonant Blue – Aichan, Gaki, Sayu, Reina, Aika
9.Seishun Collection – Aichan, Gaki, Sayu, Reina, Aika
10.Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game
MC – Sayu, Reina
11.Sungoi My Birthday – Aika, Fuku-chan, Kanon
12.Sayumi’s Medley : Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago~Tsuugaku Ressha
13.Rainbow Pink – Sayumi, Erina
14.Moonlight Night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~ – Aichan, Gaki, Riho (all three of them had solo dances in the middle)
15.Ai no Honou – Reina solo
MC – Aichan, Riho
16.Motto Aishite Hoshii no
17.Medley – Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai -> Nanchatte Renai -> Kimagure Princess
18.Medley – Love Machine -> Ikimasshoi -> RR21

20.Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru

Source: 2ch (Romaji by 川*’ー’)AlwaysAi* @ H!O)

The setlist for Morning Musume’s Concert Tour 2011 Spring New Genesis Fantasy DX ~Welcome 9th Generation Members has been released.

Here are a few images from 2ch, most notably a picture of the poster for the tour as well as a group picture before the concert started from a members blog and a picture of the crowd outside of the venue:

First, many fans have been wondering which colors Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho, and Suzuki Kanon have and if you haven’t checked out the goods page for the concert here are their confirmed member colors:

Top Row (left to right): Fukumura Mizuki, Suzuki Kanon, Sayashi Riho, Ikuta Erina
Bottom Row (left to right): Mitsui, Niigaki, Ai-chan, Sayu, Reina

Like was mentioned before on an official tweet from a staff member, none of the colors for Kamei, Jun Jun, and Lin Lin will be used and from what we can tell that is the case since Mizuki has a dark pink (some fans say magenta) while Kanon has a dark green, Riho has dark red, and Ikuta has dark purple.

That being said, since the title of the tour is New Genesis Fantasy DX it was expected that we would see songs from their 11th album Fantasy! Juuichi, and not surprisingly most of the concert features various songs from the album as well as their most recent single Maji Desu ka Ska! and a few Momusu classics, most notably Suki na Senpai performed by the 9th generation as well as songs from their 10th album.

I am really looking forward to seeing the three dance solos by Ai-chan, Gaki, and Riho during Moonlight Night since they seem to be among the most talented dancers in the group, and since Riho was in a dance group before joining the group and is known for her great dance covers it seemed like the best way for her to show off her skills against her senpais.

There was a small interruption during the 12th song due to an earthquake update (or something having to do with the earthquake which hasn’t been cleared up by fans who attended) according to to 2ch, but since the concert picked up right after that without a problem it seems that it was only a small delay and that everything is ok, which is great news.

Overall I really liked the setlist since it has a great combination of 10th and 11th album songs, recent singles and classics, as well as some surprise additions like 9th generation singing Suki na Senpai, and while I would have liked more recent songs I am glad that the setlist features enough variety for fans to enjoy.

Hopefully everyone who can attend the concerts can do so since the setlist looks great.

Here is the rest of the schedule for the tour:

Date Venue Concert starts
04/03 Oumiya Sonic City Dai Hall (Saitama) 15:30 / 19:00
04/09 Biwako Hall Dai Hall (Shiga) 14:30 / 18:00
04/10 Sanpouto Hall Takamatsu Dai Hall (Kagawa) 15:30
04/16 Morioka Shimin Bunka Hall Dai Hall (Iwate) 17:30
04/17 Sendai Izumiti 21 Dai Hall (Miyagi) 15:00 / 18:30
04/24 Chuukyou Dai Gaku Bunka Shimin Kaikan Aurora Hall (Aichi) 15:30 / 19:00
04/29 Shuu Minamiichi Bunka Kaikan (Yamaguchi) 15:30 / 19:00
04/30 Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan (Fukuoka) 15:00 / 18:30
05/04 Fukui Pheonix Plaza Dai Hall (Fukui) 15:30 / 19:00
05/05 Amagasaki Shi Sougou Bunka Sentaarukaikku Hall (Hyougo) 15:00 / 18:30
05/07 Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo) 15:30 / 19:00
05/08 Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo) 14:30 / 18:00
05/14 NHK Osaka Hall (Osaka) 15:30 / 19:00
05/15 NHK Osaka Hall (Osaka) 14:30 / 18:00

Official H!P Page For Morning Musume’s Spring Tour 2011

EDIT: Small update to the setlist from the updated setlist from 2ch




24 responses

3 04 2011

A nice mix of old and new. Looks I’ll be buying this on DVD when it comes out… as if there was any doubt. ;)

4 04 2011

here is a link to the concert audio. hope you enjoy

4 04 2011

audio of morning musume concert bout 2hrs long

3 04 2011

The member colors are somehow ridiculous ^^. There are three couples (Sayu – Mizuki, Risa – Kanon and Aika – Erina). Ai, Reina (the front singers) and Riho (the all-new Kyukki with the most experience from before) have got the basic colors (yellow, blue and red).

3 04 2011
Mariane ラン❤海飛 Cryssa

Ai-chan blogged that the group will hold a fundraising activity during the tour for the recovery of Japan.. which is something great..

Anyway, I love Ikuta’s color.. Dark purple, my favorite color.. But disappointed that Ai-chan’s no longer has the color of red.. This color suits her the best. Well, yellow may be suiting in her..

Go Momusu!

3 04 2011

Ai-chan never had red, except for the Otoko to Onna no Lullaby Game outfits~
But yeah, it did suit her, it’s like “the real leader color”

3 04 2011


I wish they just kept the colors like they have Maji desu ka Ska!…would have made more sense…

So when Ai graduates, it will be a sea of YELLOW? wow… >_>

The way they give Riho a lot of attention is pissing me off….

Anyway… I cant wait to see this concert! I am really curious on how the 9th gen will do…

3 04 2011

I agree. Super disappointed. Red fits Ai and her leader status so well. Yellow…. ugh

3 04 2011

um.. Aichan’s color has been yellow for quite some time. If you were thinking that OOLG and MajiDe were official colors, well they weren’t

3 04 2011

Yay, I knew that the 9th gen will someday sing suki na senpai. :)

Can’t wait to see them performing it!

3 04 2011

Michishige posted on her blog today 4/3 “The first day of concerts succeeded
and very excited. I love Momusu,i love fans very much .
(According to official page,4/16’s Morioka city,Iwate prefecture and Sendai city,Miyagi pref. were cancelled.—these cities are very near to disaster hit area.
I think additional concerts may be added later in other cities.)

3 04 2011

Thank you for telling us about the post, I’m glad that Sayu loves her fans so much and is glad about how the first day of concerts turned out ^_^

Hopefully additional concerts are added, but I also hope that many fans donated to help Japan ^o^

3 04 2011

Suki na Senpai!!! WOW! Im so happy because this setlist looks AMAZING!

3 04 2011

I agree with you guys,and even if red wasn’t Ai-chan’s official color,it really does suit her…yellow is kinda like…for happy person’s like Zukki XD
I can’t wait to see Riho singing with Gaki and Ai :)

3 04 2011

Suki na Senpai… I hope they perform it well because it’s the Gokkies’ song >.<

Awesome setlist I can't wait for the DVD

But for the member colors it is kind of ridiculous that there are "couples of colors" but they did take out Eri, Jun and Lin's colors so there weren't many color choices to choose from… I'm pretty sure after another year or so Eri, Jun and Lin's color will be used again, I think it's just too soon to use those after their graduation.

3 04 2011

Aichan has been using yellow since Konkon left. Sayumin had yellow before, when Konkon had pink. Before then, Aichan was using Gold before this (so she’s never had any colour similar to red, only yellow). uses basic colours for their colourcodes, so those are NOT the member colours.

This setlist is interesting, but it’s good that they used a lot of songs that have good group lines; 9th gen won’t be totally left out of the songs, nor will they be forced nothing but solos. They can gain experience with this, and they won’t bring the group performance down. I’m excited to see how they all perform together. <3
It's also hilarious that I was assuming 9th gen would sing "Suki na Senpai"… JunLin also sang it at their first concert, so it could become a newbie tradition (which would be nice 'cause I like that song and it's not too difficult). =3

3 04 2011

I think some are upset about the Ai red thing because red is used for the leader. (Power Rangers) And that’s where they associate Ai with the color red. lol. But I think many fans have forgotten that this is Morning Musume and member colors doesn’t symbolize leadership.

4 04 2011

But you’re forgetting that there’s other leaders in H!P with yellow too. May I mention Captain in this cenario?

3 04 2011

I’m actually more interested in seeing how they will perform OOLG and the medley of fierce songs with 9th gen to see if they’re up to the challenge and will be able to pull out any sort of songs!!!

I’m just happy to see that the concert won’t be all based around one theme so we get to see different performances from each one!! ^_^

3 04 2011

I like Zukki’s color the best… And maybe Erina’s

Was anyone else expecting Fuku-chans color?

4 04 2011

I think beside of 9th generation, Sayu will be the star in this concert.

4 04 2011

here is a link to the concert audio. hope you enjoy

6 04 2011

lol Sayu’s solo of Namida ga Tomaranai..(etc XD) was so short. I wish she did more of it.
I can’t wait to see Moonlight Night and Suki na Senpai on the DVD~ The medley sounds good too (I haven’t gotten that far in the audio rip yet though. XD)
Pretty good setlist, and the kyukkies are doing pretty well. :D

6 04 2011

Sorry for commenting again…
Oh and all this stuff about Ai having a red official colour… Jeez, like michi said, she’s been using yellow/gold for years. That would suck if right before her graduation they suddenly switched her colour. Yellow/gold is also seen as a leader’s colour too, and again like michi said, Berryz’ Captain also uses it. -A-;
They didn’t change colours after Onna to Otoko no Lullaby game during Rival Survival when Ai wore red and another single wouldn’t change that. Yeesh.

I really don’t think people dislike Riho either. I think people are just sick of all the attention and high-expectations she’s getting. I thought this at first, then I realized I didn’t like the hype about her. She’s cute and talented like her fellow generation members, give her a chance even if you think bad of her.
I’m sorry if I’m spamming the comments…. -v-;

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