Shuukan Yoro! Vol 85

1 04 2011

Site News: Like last week I encourage everyone to check out International Wota’s charity auction to support Japan during these hard times, or if you would like to donate directly there is a link on the right where you can donate to the Red Cross through their form. If you haven’t donated and you are able to do please consider helping out!

International Wota Charity Auction

Apart from that I also wanted to point out that the site is really close to reaching the 1,500,000 mark!

I am very surprised that it has already increased so much since it seemed like yesterday when we barely passed the 1,000,000 mark, but here we are four months later and almost near another goal, and while I don’t know when the 1,500,000 mark will be reached I look forward to thanking everybody for their support for their site on that day, but an early thank you to everyone!

That being said I am almost finished updating the Upcoming Releases section since there was quite a bit more than I expected to update but everything is going well and it should be up to date (for sure) by tomorrow.

The review section is currently on standby since work has been piling up in school and since I’m not doing that well in some classes (only 1 or 2) I worked a bit more on school than usual this week, although it was only for this week so it shouldn’t affect any other updates I have planned for the site this weekend.

I will work on the site during this weekend so hopefully I can finish the rest of the site that still hasn’t been updated.

Polls: The winners for this poll were Tokunaga Chinami and Fukuda Kanon each with 336 votes (39%), congratulations Chii and Kanon! Wada Ayaka came in second with 183 votes (21%).

There was a total of 855 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Chii and Kanon!

Like always I closed the poll exactly at 8:00 (PDT) and I was very surprised with this weeks results since I never expected that Chii and Kanon would tie since Kanon had somewhat more of an advantage, but the results are clear and this week is one of the rare occasions where there are two winners (the only other one I can remember is Chisa and Nakky, if I’m correct).

Wada once again came in third, but compared to her last appearance she got about 30 votes more, which is a small increase, but an improvement nonetheless, and while I would have liked to see her in a higher place I am happy that she technically got 2nd place and I wish her the best luck for next time.

I also wanted to mention that this is Chii’s first time as member of the week, so an extra congratulations to her, but congratulations to both Chii and Kanon on their tie for first place!

A quick mention, since Momusu’s single will be released on 4/6 I can finally plan out the 9th generation poll, so Momusu and H!P fans please check out the poll on 4/15 so you can vote on your favorite 9th gen member.

This date is slightly more than a week so we will be able to see if there are any changes to the results, and since I haven’t done a 9th gen poll in a while some opinions might have changed with the PV or for other reasons, so I look forward to finding out the results.

The next poll will feature three of the most popular members: Takahashi Ai, Michishige Sayumi, and Suzuki Airi, and even though Ai-chan has a slight advantage I look forward to finding out who will win, so please vote for your favorite!

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 1st day of Tokunaga Chinami’s week about “Ecology”.

I finally have a set plan on what I plan to do after I finish showing off the Yorosen episodes: I will make a new Youtube channel and from there I plan on adding Hello! Morning, Haromoni@, Utaban, Mecha Mecha Iketeru, and other shows that feature H!P members, and I will then show off half an episode each week (or divide them up so that there isn’t an entire hour long episode at one time).

The reason why I’m planning on starting a new channel is since the current one I use for Yorosen episodes will most likely be taken down (it’s a matter of time), but so far my plan is to upload all Yorosen episodes with the unlisted option so they last a bit longer on Youtube and fans who haven’t seen them can check them out, although how I will link to them is still being planned.

Apart from that I have a lot planned for this section since I want to make it an interesting way for fans to check out subtitled H!P shows, old and new, so hopefully I can do everything I have planned so far.

That being said I noticed that the last three members were also the last three members in Yorosen as well, so for convenience (and a tie breaker since Maasa and Chii both tied) I plan on showing them in order: Tokunaga first, Maasa second, and finally to wrap up, Mai’s episodes.

Hopefully fans can check out the episodes since there are only about 15 episodes left (counting this week)!

So, starting off this episode we see Chii enter the classroom, and after a quick moment of nervousness she starts class by showing off everybody her suit made of recycled materials (which she then models), as well as asking many questions about “Global warming”.

This episode is full of information, which is somewhat strange since Chii is usually one of the most active and funny members from H!P but instead we see her calm and professional (most of the time) while teaching, but nonetheless we get to see many funny moments, like the end of the episode where Chii points out that Captain isn’t taking notes.

Hopefully everyone can check it out since it is a great episode full of info:




4 responses

2 04 2011

Can u please post a link on this website when u make that YouTube channel? Plz plz plz :)

3 04 2011

I will post up the link so that everyone can check it out when it is up ^_^

2 04 2011

This week members in the poll are all my favorite.
It’s really hard to vote one.

2 04 2011

same here ><
but I choose Ai-chan since she's graduating soon.

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