Suzuki Airi Upcoming PBs Rescheduled

31 03 2011

Both upcoming Suzuki Airi PBs have been rescheduled to a new release date by the official Wani Books page.

The 2 PBs have been delayed exactly one month each, making the 2nd PB’s previous release date the firsts now, and it’s a little sad to see that the release date is being pushed back since it won’t be as close to Airi’s birthday now.

It’s really confusing to see how pushed back the release dates are being since it makes the wait longer and we were expecting details sooner, but it’s quite understandable because of the current daily life in Japan, so one month wait should seem pretty good for such releases.

As I said, we were expecting details such as titles, images or previews since the first release date was pretty close (4/23), but it seems that we are going to have to wait a little longer although details should be out in a few weeks for this special release.

Hopefully previews and details will be out soon.

The release date for the 1st PB is set for 5/23, the second for 6/23.

Official Wani Books page about announcement




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