S/mileage’s Regular Show Titled “SMILE FACTORY” Announced

31 03 2011

S/mileage’s new regular show titled SMILE FACTORY has been announced.

The show will air every 4th Tuesday of each month at 21:00 ~ 21:30 PM (JST) on SPACE SHOWER TV from.

S/mileage have already had a regular webcast through Ustream so I’m glad to see that they will have their own regular show on a bigger network since fans will be able to check out their monthly show while they promote their releases and future appearances.

Since the show will only air once a month it doesn’t really give them that much of a chance to promote that well, but thankfully they will be able to promote their upcoming single a few days before it is released.

So far we don’t have a clear theme about what they will do during the 30 minutes they will have, but I look forward to finding out.

Hopefully fans can check out the show when it airs.

The show will start on 4/26.

Official S/mileage Site Announcement

SPACE SHOWER TV Announcement




One response

31 03 2011

Man, H!P seems to be churning out TV-shows these days. This (even if it is monthly), Up-Front Girls, the new timeslot for Bijo Gaku,…

Very nice, very nice indeed

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