S/mileage’s “Koi ni Booing Buu!” Will Be The Ending Theme For “Piramekiino”

31 03 2011

S/mileage’s 5th single titled Koi ni Booing Buu! will be the ending theme for the TV Tokyo show Piramekiino throughout April.

Like always it’s great to see that a new single will be used as a theme for a show since it gives the single a bit more promotion which might help when it is released, and since the song is really catchy and upbeat it should be a great way for viewers of the show to check out the song.

I haven’t seen the show but since it will air throughout April we will most likely get a chance to see if the promotion helped since the single will be released toward the end of the month, and even though only the song will appear as an ending theme I hope we get to see S/mileage appear on the show or on other shows since their singles so far have been doing pretty good.

Hopefully fans in Japan check out the show to hear S/mileage’s single as the ending theme.

The song will be the ending theme during April.

Official S/mileage Announcement Post




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