Niigaki Risa’s Movie Title Changed To “Watashi ga Aitsu ni Natta Toki…”

31 03 2011

The title for Niigaki Risa’s movie previously titled Bad Days Reason has been changed to Watashi ga Aitsu ni Natta Toki… (Eng: The time when I became him).

The new title is somewhat strange since it seems to point to a unique theme, and while we haven’t seen any preview for the movie (and will most likely not for a few more months) I am interested in finding out if we will get a chance to see an interesting movie with a great theme.

Since the only member of the cast so far is Gaki we have no idea what to expect since the title seems to mention someone becoming a man, which is a unique and interesting theme since Gaki has already had a chance to play some male roles, most notably on the Cinderella stage play (if I remember correctly).

Hopefully we get some previews soon or at least a summary of the theme since the movie title seems really interesting.

The release for the movie will be in 2011.

Official Mirai Group Actor Site




One response

1 04 2011

The new title sounds very interesting. Gaki was a good prince in Cinderella and this sounds like she’ll turn into a man or something…

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