Murata Megumi Officially Leaves Up Front Agency

31 03 2011

Murata Megumi has officially left Up Front Agency.

She posted on her blog a short message saying goodbye to show business and Up Front Agency as well as posting a goodbye message to her fans for 11 years of support.

It’s always sad to see members that have been in H!P and UFA for so long leave but this is a decision that Murata personally took, so even though she will be leaving show business and will live a normal life I wish her the best of luck with her future.

The post on her blog is really short but it does give fans a chance to read a bit more about how much she appreciates her fan’s support during the years she was part of UFA, and even though I wasn’t a fan of Melon Kinenbi I am sad to see one of the members who made H!P what it is today leave show business.

Good luck Murata Megumi!

Official Murata Megumi Blog Post




One response

31 03 2011
Tino Blackwater

Goodbye Murata san, I will remember you by watching old Hello! Morning clips. Arigato gozimasu! :D

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