Dream Morning Musume-LQ Album Cover Preview Released

29 03 2011

A LQ preview for Dream Morning Musume’s album “Dream 1” has been released.

The Limited Edition features each member in their own polaroid picture holding a CD which most fans are saying is a previous Morning Musume single. They’re using the same gold and red outfits we’ve seen already and in the bottom corner, I’m assuming it says the album title. Which is in gold and has some white sparkles.

The Regular Edition is quite simple and features the members in two rows in a group photo. The album title is centered at the bottom, the preview is a small one and since the album font is similar to the member outfits the title sort of fades in and can’t really be seen.

There isn’t much to the regular edition, it’s very simple and straight forward. The limited edition is interesting since they’re holding up a CD and I’m quite curious as to what CD they have and if there’s any significance to the CD they have. My guess is the CD they have is a single that is featured on Disk 2 of their album. On the album tracklist there are 10 songs listed and 10 members, Disk 2 would be used instead of Disk 1 because Disk 1 only features 8 songs that have already been released, 2 of them are new.

Hopefully all fans can pre-order a copy.

The album will be released on 4/20.

Dream Morning Musume Covers




One response

30 03 2011

Thanks for the covers!! They are so beautiful

In the limited edition they are holding Morning Musume. singles
Koha-chan = Renai Revolution 21
Johnson = Daite HOLD ON ME!
Kemeko = LOVE Machine
Mako-chan = Souda! We’re ALIVE
Mikitty = Happy Summer Wedding
Nacchi = Memory Seishun no Hikari
Charmy = The Peace!
Yossy = I WISH
Marippe = Koi no Dance Site
Yuko-chan = Summer Night Town

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