New Berryz Koubou Release Dates For Upcoming Releases

28 03 2011

New release dates have been scheduled for upcoming releases from Berryz Koubou.

  • Berryz Koubou 2010  Concert Tour Aki ~Beri kou Fesu~ DVD  4/13

→ 5/11.

  • 26th Single currently untitled release 5/4

→ 6/8.

  • 26th Single currently untitled Single V release 5/18

→ 6/22.


I was really surprised to see that they pushed back the release date for these upcoming releases, specially for the 26th single since their 7th album to be released on 3/30 hasn’t been postponed or pushed back, knowing that there is a long time before the single is released.

The DVD for their 2010 Autumn Concert tour is the most comprehensable to be pushed back since it will be released soon, but still, making the difference almost a month away is still a shame for everyone who has already ordered their copies.

The releases for the 26th single have also been pushed back from one month for the single and single V which is quite weird, and even though it is the case, hopefully they will make good use of this gap and promote the single well in the meantime.

Hopefully everyone can reserve their copy of the 26th single with the pushed back date.

H!P official page about announcement




One response

28 03 2011

Wow over a month drelay. But hopefully it will increase the sales to give more prosperity into the Japanese economy

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