New Berryz Koubou Profile Pictures for “7 Berryz Times”

28 03 2011

Berryz Koubou’s official page has been updated with profile pictures for their 7th album titled  7 Berryz Times.

All of the girls have similar dresses and accessories that seem to be made from the same material, and even with that similarity, they managed to give each girl a difference in her dress with awesome hairstyles that define each member’s personality perfectly.

Captain is wearing a strapless black dress that has a built-in belt on the waist and looks really classy and elegant, and she is one of the members who have a lot of accessories being a big necklace and many bracelets on each hand, along with earrings from the same material, and her hair is lifted up in a side bun and a braid. Her pose is really amazing since in she looks cute in the close-up and very sexy in the full-body shot which is well done.

Momoko is wearing the same dress, but it’s not strapless like Saki’s and has a nice touch which is the dentelle black fabrics on the chest of the dress which adds a little of cutesy to it. Momo’s expression in both shots is the same since she didn’t try out a sexy look but her simple necklace and bracelets go perfectly well with her style since she almost never does “too much”.

Miyabi is in the same strapless dress as Captain’s, but she somehow managed to add her style to it with the funky head accessory and her very unique hairstyle with many braids on her forehaid. Her accessories are simple, which goes better with the rose on her hair, and she really mixes the feeling of cute and sexy in both shots with one shoulder up, and we get to see the pumps that the girls are wearing too which are classic with a rose on them.

Yurina has a dress similar to Momoko’s but without the extra fabric on the top, but her heavy necklace makes up for it. She has 2 big bracelets on her hands along with a big ring, and even though her pose in both shots are the same, her nice expression and her hairstyle blend in the theme perfectly. Kuma also got lower heels but they have the same style as the others.

Chinami is wearing the same dress as Yurina (it goes well with their figures), and her accessories are really special since she has a long necklace, long earrings, a head accessory that hold up her very long ponytail and a simple bracelet on one hand. Her extensions look really well on her since they fit with the classy theme to give her this elegant look, and Chii has a more serious face on in the full-body shot.

Maasa is wearing a similar dress to Momoko’s but with the 2 stripes on each shoulder instead of one, and she has one of the most amazing hairstyles which is long and wavy and fits really well with her face and the theme. Maasa has a mid-length pearl necklace and big bracelets, and she looks really good in both shots showing off a mature look.

Risako is wearing the same dress with stripes as many other members, but she has a very heavy and big necklace with big pearls and many bracelets on eahc hand, along with a funky hairstyle that seems weird and elegant at the same time. She is definitely pulling out the sexy look on both photos with her sexy poses and face expression.

Overall, I was really amazed by how well everyone looks in these shots since the dresses suits each one of the girls perfectly and the different accessories add to each member’s style.

The release date is set for 3/30.

H!P Official Page For Berryz Koubou




7 responses

28 03 2011

They look awesome!

28 03 2011

sexy~ <3

28 03 2011

OMG YURINA IS STUNNING!! But aw they sould really give Risako some different kind of style, this one makes her almost look chubby :( I know she could be so much prettier if she just was given another hair style or smth

28 03 2011




28 03 2011

Kuma-chan’s growing on me; I’m loving her now!!!
And *0* long hair Chinami. Yeah!!!!!!!

29 03 2011

Maasa ,YOU are STUNNING!!!*.*

29 03 2011

Maasa and Yurina are just stunning! Miyabi looks beautiful here too~
The others look a bit plain, but still good!

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