Sayashi Riho To Get Her Own Radio Show Titled “RIHO-DELI”

27 03 2011

Sayashi Riho will replace Mano on her radio show MANO-DELI which will now be titled RIHO-DELI.

The announcement was done by Mano herself during the last episode of her show.

I’m glad to see that the 9th generation is being promoted so much since it is somewhat quick for a 9th generation member to already have her own radio show, but Riho seems like the most logical choice since she has quite a bit of experience in the media world.

I would love to see other members have their own radio show as well in the future, such as Suzuki Kanon whose energetic personality seems like a great addition to any TV or radio show, but for now I’m glad to see that Riho will have a chance to open up to fans and show off her personality a bit more.

Hopefully fans can tune in to her first episode and check it out, but meanwhile good luck to Riho on her new show!

EDIT: The official title for her show is RIHO-DELI according to the media page at the official H!P page.

Official H!P Media Page




3 responses

27 03 2011

They really seem to be pushing the 9th gen, especially Riho. Good news, I guess.

27 03 2011

Very good!

28 03 2011

I wouldn’t mind SuzuKanon getting in on the media world either with her lovable personality; her speaking voice is pleasant to listen to.
Riho’s a very nice choice though seeing she has the crowd’s attention now.
In fact, they both would be a splendid addition to the media world. I’d LOVE a SuzuYashi TV duo or something! (they seem to have a senpai triangle with Sayu there as well, which gives bonus points coz Sayu has TONS of experience!)

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