Morning Musume – “Maji Desu ka Ska!” Full PV Released

26 03 2011

The full PV of Morning Musume’s 45th single titled Maji Desu ka Ska! has been released.

This isn’t the official release, but since the single was postponed and we have gotten many PV previews on TV it almost seemed like we had seen the entire PV, and apparently we have since the full PV below contains various TV previews that were put together to complete the PV and surprisingly it does look like it’s complete.

There was a mention on the staff twitter accounts that we could see the official PV by next week so if you prefer to wait then I encourage you to do so since it’s just a matter of days until we get the official release, but for those who would like to see it anyways then please check it out since it is a great PV with many interesting themes.

The PV is made up of various shots ranging from the main dance shot to the solo shots as well as a shot of each member walking alongside the title of the song while singing, each member posing with a character of the title, as well as a shot of Mitsui dressed up as an old man throwing seeds at cactuses making them bloom, and as you might have noticed it has a bit of everything that really makes this PV unique and one of the best I have seen this year.

The dance shot is basically just that, a shot of the members dancing, but I was very happy to see that there were various angles and focuses on each member since it let us check out each particular step as well as who was dancing, and while we haven’t gotten a chance to check out the fixed camera shot I have to admit that I love the dance a lot when I saw it completely since the moves all match the beat of the song.

The set of the dance shot features the giant characters of the title of the song in the background along with two cactus’s and a checkered black and white floor, which seems like a pretty unique combination that really made each member stand out, and while it might seem simplistic I really didn’t notice the simple theme until I had seen the PV about 5 times.

The shots of each member walking alongside the title were a great addition since we get to see each member moving and dancing to the song in their own way, and while there were a few members who didn’t stand out that much I really loved the way Sayu, Ai-chan, Kanon, Ikuta, and Riho sang their lines during this part since they seemed to pose and move in a very energetic and natural way.

The shots of each member posing with a character of the title were a great addition since we get to see each member do a unique pose alongside one of the huge Kanji from the set and for the most part each member gets a unique character: Ma (Kanon) Ji (Riho) De (Ikuta) Su (Mizuki) ka (Reina) Su (Sayumi) Ka (Niigaki) ! (Ai), and as you might have noticed Mitsui didn’t appear in one, although from other shots of the PV it seems that Mitsui did pose with the “Ma” character as well.

I really loved the way each member posed since it let us check out their creativity while they added a bit more of a genki feeling to the PV and most notably I really loved the way Kanon waved to everyone through the loop of the “Ma”, the way Sayu stepped on the “Su” and also the way that Ikuta pointed at the “De” but I really loved the way Ai posed with the “!” character the most since she ran in from one end of the screen and jumped in front of it while smiling at the camera mid-air.

The last shot was the most confusing when I first saw the PV since Mitsui appeared out of nowhere wearing a gnome or old man outfit (I have no idea what it is) where we get to see her rotate a few times then throw seeds in the air after which the cactus’s appear on screen, rotate rapidly and then grow big yellow sunflowers which appear during the rest of the PV.

All confusing feelings aside I really enjoyed this small shot since it did make the following lines a bit more lively:

Konna hibi demo SUPESHARU de
Meccha kirakira hana sa kaso

Overall the entire PV is entertaining, impressive, amazing, and among the best I have seen this year for many reasons, the biggest of them being the unique, fun, and simple theme they chose for this song since it matched the beat as well as giving each member quite a bit of time to shine.

From the 9th generation members I would have to say that Kanon stood out the most for me due to her great smile and her fun personality during the entire PV (I honestly can’t remember when she didn’t smile), but I did like how Riho moved and acted a bit more energetic compared to when she first appeared on stage when the 9th generation where presented.

Mizuki did pretty good since she moved and dance well, but she didn’t stand out to me that much, and Ikuta was among the members I looked forward to seeing since she seems to be a bit too nervous and not used to performing, but in this PV she did seem to smile and let go a bit more, although there were a few times when she seemed too nervous or unsure of what to do.

So far each 9th generation member has done a pretty good job singing and dancing, and since each one of them got many lines and shots in the PV it’s a great start for them since fans checking out the PV will notice them a bit more.

I look forward to finding out if the official PV is any different, but for the most part this PV should help somewhat while we wait, so hopefully everyone can check it out.

The release date is set for 4/1.

Video uploaded by: dsnrcg

EDIT: The full official PV has been released!

Apart from the intro shot of all of the members posing in the giant characters for the song and the end shot of the cactus with flowers there aren’t any changes to the PV, but this version of the PV is in higher definition so hopefully fans can check this PV out as well:

Video uploaded by: momozance




19 responses

26 03 2011

WOW !!

26 03 2011

I LOVE IT!!!!*_*
I like the part when they are walking near the big MAJI DESU KA SKA :)
lol,I started to scream when I saw that creepy guy (a brownie?) XD

26 03 2011

its simple but fun :D
gaki in the jacket stands out :D haha
and roflolled @ ai @ 2:03 hahaha XD

u can def see that the 9th gen is younger… it does bother a bit.. but not much.. they fit in well

YAY momusu ~!!! :D ill miss aichan sooo bad :( >_<

26 03 2011


26 03 2011

Loool at Aika being disguised as an old lady !!!!
She didn’t get to pose next to a character but she was epic xD
and I liked how they walked next to the letters in the single outfits ^_^

26 03 2011

I was so sad when I saw she didn’t pose next to a kana, maybe the baggage-chan rumours are correct… :'( I love aika. At least she got to make the cactus nice.

Also Niigaki is super cute in this.

26 03 2011

baggage chan rumors?

26 03 2011

Oh some people call Aika baggage-chan cause like they think she is useless and just hinder Morning Musume. But I don’t think so.

27 03 2011

Wow that’s the first I heard of that, Aika doesn’t stand out that much to me but I think she’s important to Morning Musume.

27 03 2011

Yes it’s true. Many blogger hate her. She probably gets the most hate, along with Sayu, but Sayu has more fans.

26 03 2011

I lol’d at Aika’s part. She made herself win there!
And OMG I freakin love Kanon after this!!!!!! <3

26 03 2011

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I nearly died of cuteness when the older members did their little acting thingies in the second verse walking next to the letters, especially Aichan! <3 And Risa looks so pretty when she does her second line, I almost died again.. ^o^

26 03 2011

LOL Sayumi @ 1:36 :P

26 03 2011

I love all of the shots, but I do wish Aika got to stand next to a Kana :/

I’d love to have solo’s of the walking next to the kana, I kinda hope that’ll be one of the shots, and even the solos. But it’s more likely that they’ll use the solos with the bright backgrounds.

26 03 2011

before I watched the PV, i watched the PV’s of Kimagure Princess, Onna to Otoko no Lullaby game and Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai and all of them made me think, “these are good music videos, but they do not show the idol of Morning Musume.” THIS VIDEO ON THE OTHER HAND, makes me think of Morning Musume as an idol group sent to make people laugh and have fun.
i can just imagine them preforming this at a concert, it’s gonna be epic!!!
The music video was soo cute and really well done.
this is what i thought of each of the individual members:
Ai – perfect. Even the different dance moves perfectly potrayed her as leader. My fav music video outfit too.
Risa – really great. She really knows how to look positive and happy.
Sayumi – Her pose in front of the kanji was soo cute :P She did a fantastic job.
Reina – Pretty good, but I don’t think positive songs fit with her voice that much.
Aika – soo funny!! This is the most I’ve seen her in since her debut and she did fantastic!!
Mizuki – soo great. She defs has the best voice of the 9th generation.
Erina – She needs more practice smiling, but she still did great!!
Riho – very proffesional and such an incrediable dancer.
Suzuki – SHE MADE THE PV. She was soo cute and her dancing + her smiling really started the PV off on a great note. Her energy cannot go unnoticed and she clearly has talent that will shine with the years to come. I really think she did the best in the music video and this made me happy that she’s in Morning Musume. She’s very different and she’s just what the people need. Her voice is also very different and I really like it :)

Yayy!! Although they have some competition on the charts, I’m hoping for at least 4th place!! I know they can do it!! This is something Japan needs after their disaster

26 03 2011


27 03 2011

forget to add,but Sayumi’s pose near the kanji was epic!!XD and Kanon was just GREAT,this song and this PV suits her perfectly,she is perfect for those genki songs but I wonder what is she going to do in the mature songs!XD and I think that from the older members,Reina had the best voice!:X and Gaki:X from the 9th generation I loved how Mizuki did:X

27 03 2011

wait! that “brownie” was Aika?O.O how blind I am!XD

27 03 2011

I’ve been impressed the scene Mitsui disguised herself as an old man and sowed seads,then made flowers blossom. This is evidently cited from Japanese folk tale”Hana saka Jiisan”(=Old man who made flowers blossom.)
To summarize this old tale,”Honesty pays in the long run or Honest and hard work peoples will win,encouraging honest peoples.And the 45th song’s lyrics are very timely to present Japan’s situation. “日本の元気はどうなりますか?”(=Nihon no genki wa dou narimasuka?=How will Japan’s energy become?),”どんな時でもポジティヴに”(=don-na toki demo pojitibu ni=Always be positive.)”めっちゃキラキラ花咲かそう”(=meccha kira kira hana sakasou=Let’s make bright flowers blossom!) I wonder Tsunku predicted recent disaster? Is it accident? Tsunku has often produced message songs and I think this is one of the reason which make Momusu distinguish from other girl’s groups. I believe allMomusu members,although the 9th gen.members are very young, know their mission and give power,hope or healing to disaster suffered peoples.
Wikipedia–Hanasaka jiisan
Song of Hanasaka jiisan

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