Takahashi Ai “LOVE NO.10” PB Cover Released

24 03 2011

The cover for Takahashi Ai’s 12th PB titled LOVE NO.10 has been released.

From the cover it is somewhat easy to see that they are going for a more mature themed PB, which is always great to see since Ai-chan does an incredible job posing for each photo and since she is among the best selling members for PBs we always get to see some pretty interesting photos and scenes in her releases.

The cover features Ai-chan in a neon colored bikini posing in the middle of the lake while looking at the camera, and even though the pose seems slightly uncomfortable I am glad to see that she looks as amazing as always since her pose, expression, outfit, and the location really seem like a great way to show off what we can expect to see in the PB.

The titles are somewhat normal with recent releases and here there is no exception since it is simply the title and her name in letters, but this was most likely done in order to not distract from Ai-chan, which is a bit hard to do but still a good move to make the cover elegant and simple.

Here are a few previews which were released a few days ago, and this should give us a complete idea of what to expect to see:

The images are all amazing in their own way, for example the image of Ai-chan in the black dress is among the best I have seen since they show of her beauty perfectly, while the next page shows of three images of Ai-chan in different outfits which is a great sign that we can expect to see many unique outfits in this release.

The third page shows off the same bikini as the cover, so we will probably see many more from that particular scene, and in the same theme the last page shows off Ai-chan looking back at the camera (the main point of the photo is somewhat obvious) and I have to admit that it is a great photo that shows of Ai-chan well, but it’s not particularly one of my favorites.

The 4th picture shows of Ai-chan in a pink dress and so far from the previews it is among my favorites since the field setting and the pink bows and outfits all look impressing and along with her pose it seems like an interesting way of showing of the creative side of the photographer instead of relying on the “bikini-schoolgirl-dress” theme that most of the other PBs have.

Overall Ai-chan’s PB is turning out to be a pretty amazing release since there is a bit of something for everyone: bikini, dress, casual, and some creative shots for everyone to enjoy and while we have only seen a small fraction of the PB’s content I am excited to find out what other great photos we can expect to see in this release.

Hopefully everyone has already reserved their copy of the PB.

The release date is set for 3/28.

Wanibooks Page For Ai-chan’s 12th PB



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24 03 2011

Totally buying. My 3rd Ai-chan PB.

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