S/mileage – Koi ni Booing Buu!” Single V Cover Released

24 03 2011

The Single V cover for S/mileage’s 5th single titled Koi ni Booing Buu has been released.

The cover is from far, very unique and original even though it has a similar feeling with the previous covers, but I have to say that the combination of their costumes, poses and the background, as well as the colored title really make a nice effect.

We get to see the girls in the only full-body shot between all of the covers which gives us a closer look at their outfits (since there is 3 different outfits in the covers, this one seems to be the “cute” one) which are really special as usual with their birght pink and purple colors and random pompoms, along with the very original shoes they wear and the cute head bands.

The pose each one of the girls are really cute since they are close and have a formation: Yuuka and Ayaka in the middle while Saki and Kanon have one leg lifted up on each side, and the funny thing should be the female pig hugging Saki’s leg, and this animal seems to be the mascot of this single.

The title is the same used for previous covers with different colors and a very cute fonts with hearts, and even though I would have liked it to be a little lower so it doesn’t distract too much from the girls, it still looks good.

Overall, I really like the theme it has and the overall setting and colors used since it fits the theme they gave to the single perfectly.

The release date is set for 5/11.

Amazon page about Single V




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