Morning Musume’s 46th Single Titled “Only You”

24 03 2011

Morning Musume’s 46th single is titled “Only You”

When I first saw the title I immediately thought of the Zoku V-u-den’s cover. Many fans are saying that it will be the same song while many others are saying that it’s different. One reason they say it’s different is because of the writing, Zoku V-u-den’s cover was written “ONLY YOU”, all the words were capitalized while the 46th single is written normally. Regardless of that I’m sure all fans are excited for this release as well as the 45th single’s release.

From the title I’m picturing the song will be some sort of slow, mature ballad. I don’t really care if the song is a “mature” sound or if it’s a “genki, youthful” sound but I’m thinking this single will be more of a mature sound. With the 9th generation members they can always try a mature sound, since they are still growing up. But with the older members trying the “genki, youth” might seem awkward. (An example is Maji Desu Ka Ska, there’s been mixed feelings about it because of the “kiddy” sound to it.) Either way I’m excited for this single and hopefully more information is released soon.

The release date is set for 5/18.

46th single page

JPM single page




14 responses

24 03 2011

Ooooh another ‘only you’.

ONLY YOU Sono mama de
ONLY YOU Kazaranai de
ONLY YOU Tatta ichido

24 03 2011

Awww, whatever, I think Ai-chan looks absolutely adorable in the Maji desu ka ska previews!

By the way, is there any news about the new girls’ member colours yet?

25 03 2011

The current theory, which is supported by the leak of Zukkii (Kanon)’s HAPPI sleeve and the poker chip keychain from the 9th gen event (which has the same colour for Zukkii on it as her HAPPI does):

Fukumura – Hot Pink
Ikuta – Indigo
Sayashii – Red
Suzuki – Dark Green
(If this is true, [most] Yasshii fans are super happy)


As for the single, I think it’d be interesting if a cover of “ONLY YOU” was the B-track while the A-track, “Only You”, is original.
Not that I expect it to happen, as that’d cause a LOT of unnecessary confusion, but it’d still be fun. XD

24 03 2011

OMG, yay!! Sounds great, thanks for the update!
We haven’t even gotten Maji Desuka Ska! yet XD
Absolutely LOVE the pictures <3333

24 03 2011

sounds good :)
can’t wait!

24 03 2011

No no no no! it’s

can, make, this world seem briiiiiiight~”

My thoughts of the single will be hopeful. A mature sound from the new members is something that we can hear as an experiment. A reallt good example for this is Do it! Now. It was the 5th GeN’s second single since joining the group and the song is fantastic. What i’m hoping for is Tsunku can make a great balance between the new genki girls and the mature, experienced members.

24 03 2011

corrections derp:

Do It! Now is 5th GeN’s THIRD single since joining and it’s ‘riiiiiiight’ not ‘briiiiight’. fail right there…

where’s piano cat? he should be here about now…

24 03 2011

i want Eri-pon to smile :(

other than tat, real excitteeddd

25 03 2011

-sigh- So the name for it has been announced and the full pv of Maji Desu ka Ska isn’t even out yet =/

25 03 2011

I personally wouldn’t mind another “ONLY YOU” cover. As that song is really good IMO.
We’ll have to wait and see though.

25 03 2011

I wonder if Ai is going to get alot of lines or no lines at all… like they did to Koharu… or give her a big chunk like they did for Yossie… hmm…

25 03 2011

I hope this is not going to be a cover XD
and I love this picture,the outfit suits Eripon :X

25 03 2011

Those are the tour outfits XD

30 03 2011

This is really interesting. While some part of me doubts this being the song zvuden covered, W did Nagisa no Sindbad and then Momusu did it on their cover album. Ooh, another cover album would be cool too. *A*
I really hope that Ai can be in one more single after this. D: If Tsunku can make an ass-pull album for EriJunLin’s grad…Or he won’t want her to be in that many singles so that it’s not awkward if she’s on the album… -v-;
O-or….He DOES want her in another single so she can help the kyukkies as much as possible…I just keep contradicting myself. XD

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