S/mileage – “Koi ni Booing Buu” Covers Released

23 03 2011

From left to right

Top: Limited A, Limited B, Limited C

Bottom: Limited D, Maxi Single

The covers for S/mileage 5th single titled Koi ni Booing Buu have been released.

The covers are finally out, giving us a general idea of the theme of the song and a sneak-peak at the possible outfits and different aspects the PV should have (since there is 2 themes, one pink, one black), and I have to say that overall I like it alot.

The Limited A cover features the theme that is shared by all of the other covers except for Limited D, which consists of the girls in pink and white outfits with head accessories, all cuddling up in a close-up shot against a colorful background. The title is written in a funny and unusual font with many colors, and the interesting thing should be the little female pig that is on the cover, which kind of reminds us of the guy with the mustache for their single Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende

The Limited B cover features a collage of each girl in a different colored shape (Saki has a green spade, Kanon a purple club , Yuuka a pink heart, Ayaka a blue diamond), and they are all wearing funny accessories which are a pig’s oink and ears, which really brings out the theme of the song, and the background is as colorful as Limited A, with the addition of many pig’s heads, and the female pig next to the title.

The Limited C cover features the girls in a pose very similar to the Limited A cover, but the difference is the outfits which are slightly different and most probably are the ones associated to the pig’s oink and ears, and the background is blue with the same pattern as Limited A, and we get to see the female pig in a more obvious place.

The Limited D cover is very different from the others since it has a completely different theme which is quite intriguing since it’s black and the girls have serious faces on, which is a contrast with the other covers, but nonetheless, it’s still pretty impressive with the outfits and pose of the members, and it is most probably a good sign that the PV will include many different scenes.

The Maxi Single cover is very unique since the girls in their pig costumes are coming out from boxes for Yuuka and Dawa, while Kanon and Saki are sitting cutely on a box’s cover, and we get to see these outfits a little better.

Overall, I’m really happy that we finally got to see the covers since we are entering the theme of the single which seems really different than usual with the white and happy pig theme and the contrastic black theme of Limited D.

The release date is set for 4/27.

Amazon page about Limited A version

Amazon page about Limited B version

Amazon page about Limited C version

Amazon page about Limited D version

Amazon page about Maxi-Single version

EDIT: Bigger covers have been released:

Top Row (Left to Right): Regular, Limited A
Middle Row: Limited B, Limited C
Bottom Row: Limited D




One response

23 03 2011

On the cover of the regular edition, you see their shoes. The shoes are real cute, I want a pair just like them.

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