New Release Dates For Postponed H!P Releases Announced

23 03 2011

The new dates for H!P’s postponed releases have been released on the official H!P site.

Here is a list of the new dates:

  • Morning Musume Maji desu ka Ska!4/6
  • C-ute Chou WONDERFUL! 64/6
  • Morning Musume Blu-ray Concert Tour 2010 ~Rival Survival~4/13
  • Hello! Project 2011 Winter ~Kansei Shinsen Matsuri~ A Gana Live 4/27
  • Hello! Project 2011 Winter ~Kansei Shinsen Matsuri~ B ttkuri Live4/27

I’m glad to see that the new dates have been released since they give fans a chance to be ready for the release of their favorite group while giving fans who will buy the single on the release date a chance to plan ahead.

It seems that the release dates were pushed about 2 weeks back, which seems like a lot, but considering the reasons why it was pushed back it was a necessary move so that everyone could have some time to recover.

Hopefully fans already have their preorders for the new single/album/DVD already done, and if you already have then please look forward to your order arriving in a few weeks.

Official H!P Page About New Release Dates




2 responses

23 03 2011

So Momusu’s May single will probably got to July :(

23 03 2011

Yay! That means the PV for Maji Desu Ka Ska should be out soon! I hope it comes quickly!!

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