Tsunku’s 3rd Child Is Born

17 03 2011

A few months ago Tsunku announced that right after his 42nd birthday his wife was pregnant with his 3rd child which was due to be born on April 1st, but the baby girl was just born (2 weeks early)!

The baby was born on March 16 at 2500 grams.

I’m really glad to see that Tsunku’s baby girl was born without any complications since the recent earthquake was a primary concern for everyone, but even though there was the fear of some aftershocks that might have affected the birth Tsunku sounds relieved that there was no problem at all and that the baby is healthy and safe.

Since Tsunku is most likely occupied with his many fund raising efforts for the earthquake as well as taking care of the newest addition to his family there haven’t been any photos yet of the baby girl but hopefully we get to see some photos of the happy family as well as a mention of the name they chose soon.

Congratulations Tsunku and Kanako on your 3rd child!

Serend Blog Post About Tsunku’s 3rd Child

EDIT: More news reports about Tsunku’s third child:

Natalie.mu Article

Barks.jp Article




6 responses

17 03 2011

glad it’s healthy! that was my first thought when i read it!

17 03 2011

I didn’t even remember the fact that his wife was pregnant! I’m happy for him and I’m glad she’s healthy ^^

17 03 2011

I didn’t even realize that she was pregnant again! I’m glad their child was born healthy.

17 03 2011

It was born on my birthday!! :D

17 03 2011

Congratulation Tsunku-san! Wonder if she will grow up to be an idol? ;)

19 03 2011

Conguraturation !!

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