[Update]Another Short Preview Of “Maji Desu Ka Ska!” Released

17 03 2011

Another short preview of Morning Musume’s “Maji Desu Ka Ska!” has been released.

The preview starts off with a close up of Sayumi, Reina, Gaki and Aika; similar to the last preview that started off with the 9th gen. It then cuts off to the line dance that looks like it’s the exact clip that was in the last preview and a new scene is showed of the 9th gen dancing/skipping through.

The background shows the large hiragana/katakana for “Maji desu ka ska!” and has the white and gray striped floor. The 9th gen are also using their profile picture outfits, they don’t stand out too much from the background, (they’re both dull colors) but I think the scene looks great. Especially Suzuki Kanon’s part, she looks very energetic and excited and it fits the song very well.

The preview ends with 16 small close up “blocks” of all the members singing. I really like this little bit at the end since it shows 2 different close up versions. For example if you look for Ai’s blocks, one shows her side view and the other one shows her front view. In both blocks she’s doing the exact same thing and I find things like that pretty interesting. Since there’s 16 blocks, 2 members had only 1 block for herself; Gaki and Sayu only had 1 block. It is just a preview so in another scene they probably had a chance to make up for it.

The preview at the end says the single is on sale 3/23/11. In another announcement they said that the single was postponed and no other news has been released since then. Fans are speculating that the preview is an old one and they haven’t had time to change the date on it. For now we can just wait patiently and see if they’re continuing with that release date or not.

Video Uploaded by byaithe

[Update] There’s another (completely different) preview of the PV that has been released.

There’s some repeated clips that we’ve seen in the other previews, this one shows a few clips of  Gaki, Sayu, Reina and Aika doing the “walking” scene. It also has a clip of all the members posing with the words “Maji desu ka ska!” that’s in the background. It also has many shots of the dance so please watch it before it’s taken down.

Video Uploaded by: neonero7891



3 responses

17 03 2011

ha with all these previews i feel like I’ve seen the whole PV already XD

18 03 2011

I was wondering, at exactly which scence do they show Aika possing with “Maji Desu Ka Ska”? For “ま” its Kanon, “じ” Riho, “で” Erina, “す”Mizuki, “か” Reina, “ス” Sayumi, “カ” Risa, and “!” for Ai.

As for the PV, its actually nice, and like Lea said with all these previews it feels as if we had watched the whole PV except for a little part of it. Can’t wait to see the whole thing together though =D

21 03 2011

According to JPM she is the “Ma”, which is the same as Kanon, and they probably did that since there were more members than Kanji ^_^

Here is an image of Mitsui posing with the Hiragana (pic from ampedechoz) ^_^

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