[Update #3] H!P Events Postponed Or Possibly Cancelled Due To Earthquake

16 03 2011

Due to the Earthquake the following Hello!Project releases, events, concerts and show appearances have been postponed or possibly canceled. I’ll also mention any events or releases that haven’t changed. More information will be added when it’s released.

The information has been added to the top of the page and will be updated with any more delays or releases, but other news will regularly be updated below this post, so for current news please scroll down below.

In order to reduce the size of the post on the front of the page please check out the complete list of re-scheduled performances and postponed releases after the break:

Morning Musume

  • Maji Desu Ka Ska!!” release date, postponed
  • Rival Survival”(Bluray) release date also, postponed
  • Morning Musume Spring 2011 New Genesis Fantasy DX, 3/19-3/26 concerts cancelled/postponed
  • Morning Musume’s appearance on JFN “Oh! Happy Morning”, 3/17 and 3/18 cancelled
  • Morning Musume’s appearance on NHK “West Wind”, 3/17 cancelled
  • Sayumi’s appearances on “Sekai Maru Mie! Terebi Tokusoubu“, rescheduled to 4/4. (Original date was 3/14.) Sayu’s 3 appearances on “Gokigenyou”, rescheduled to 3/24, 3/25, and 3/28 (Original date was 3/17, 3/18 and 3/21.)
  • Morning Musume’s appearance on On Ryu, rescheduled to 3/25. (Original date was 3/18.)
  • Morning Musume’s appearance on Music Japan, rescheduled; current date is unknown. (Original date was 3/20)

Berryz Koubou

  • “Heroine ni narou ka!” release events, postponed
  • Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2011 Haru~Shuukan Berryz Times~, cancelled/postponed
  • Berryz Koubou 7 Berryz Times Album, release date has not changed
  • Berryz Koubou’s appearance on JFN “Nine” School, 3/17 cancelled
  • “Momoko no Puripuri Princess”, cancelled


  • Stage play 1974( Ikunaiyo) is reschedule, it’s now running 12/14 – 12/18. (Original date was 3/17-3/22.)
  • “Chou Wonderful! 6” Album, delay release
  • TBS “Special Affairs-Special”, cancelled
  • Maimi, Airi and Mai’s appearance on B-S Japan Uta no Rakuen, rescheduled to 3/19. (Original date was 3/12.)

Kikkawa You

  • Kikkawa You“, single and debut, postponed


  • Fukuda Kanon reported that S/Mileage’s Limited Live “S/mile Factory” will either be cancelled or reschedule.

H!P Eggs

  • H!P Egg Haru Mankai Special in Shiodome AX, cancelled/postponed

H!P Graduates/Other

  • Murata Megumi, cancelled her planned graduation on 3/31. Her family was affected by the tsunami.
  • Upfront has taken down all Youtube Videos since all new releases are postponed.
  • H!P 2011 Winter ~Kangei Shisen Matsuri~ A gana Live, delayed

The H!P site has a list of tv appearances for this month, there were so many tv appearances that I couldn’t list them all. I’ve only listed appearances that have been rescheduled from their original dates. If your interested in seeing the full list see the link below titled H!P TV Appearances. If there’s any changes to what the H!P site says I’ll change my list above ASAP.

H!P Tv Appearances

Hello Online Twitter

Murata Megumi’s Blog

Berryz Koubou Delay Announcement

H!P Album/Single Delay Announcement

Fukuda Kanon’s Blog

C-ute’s Play Reschedule

Concerts/Events Cancelled

7 Berryz Times Announcement

Show Appearances Cancelled Announcement




13 responses

15 03 2011

Is there no info about 7th Berryz Times album?

15 03 2011

Right now there is no mention about Berryz album, and since they are in a different label (King Records, which is part of Piccolo Town) instead of Zetima we will probably have to wait and see if Piccolo Town (Berryz Koubou) or Hachama (H!P Concerts, S/mileage, or Mano Erina) release an announcement about delays.

16 03 2011

Seems like 7th Berryz Album won’t be postponed.

15 03 2011

This is completely unlikely but… any chance they postpone Takahashi’s graduation? With the quake they will be losing most of the extra sales a graduation usually brings with it.

That and I don’t want to see her go :(

15 03 2011

I doubt that they would postpone her graduation since it will happen until the end of the year, which should be plenty of time for Tokyo to go back to normal.

15 03 2011

This is totally understandable. Japan may not be able to get back to normal for a few years, but I assume Tokyo will in the next 1/2 a year. I think that’s realistic. As long as none are cancelled, that’s fine. But I do wonder if the Momusu single set for march will be postponed until something like July. Maybe that’l be Ai-chan’s last single.

15 03 2011

I don’t think it’ll be postponed that long.
Maybe end of April? That seems most likely

15 03 2011

I hope Japan doesn’t take that long to recover, they play a very important role in the economy in the world and especially where I live so if they continue to suffer eventually everyone else will too. I do hear a lot of news that Japan is expected to recover in 6 months so I hope that’s true.

15 03 2011

nooo not Maji Desu Ka Ska TT_TT

17 03 2011

It sucks, H!P (especially morning musume) were off to a great start this year! Then this had to happen >< I just hope that they can bounce back when the whole of japan does.

17 03 2011

Heroine ni Narou Ka!’s sales really suffered from the quake and tsunami… It’s sad, I was hoping they would do really well on this single! :(

I guess it is understandable though… Hopefully H!P can bounce back!

18 03 2011
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[…] H!P Events Postponed Or Possibly Cancelled Due To Earthquake […]

19 03 2011
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[…] Due to the effects of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami many of the H!P events scheduled for the latter part of this March and early April have been postponed or outright cancelled. This includes virtually all radio and television appearances, and even concerts, albums and singles.  Although, in a sign of steadfastness, it appears that Berryz Kobo’s newest album 7 Berryz Times will keep its original release date of March 30th. Hello!SayuNii has compiled a list of all such changes. […]

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