Kikkawa Yuu’s Debut Single “Kikkake wa YOU!” Postponed

15 03 2011

Kikkawa Yuu’s debut single titled Kikkake wa YOU! has been postponed.

Universal Music released a press release announcing that they will postpone all releases on 3/23 and 3/30, and since Kikkawa Yuu is under the Universal Music label her single will most likely be included along with the other postponed releases.

This seems like a rocky start for Kikka’s debut as a solo artist but it seems like the most appropriate thing to do at a time like this, and while we have no idea when the single might be released we will most likely get the new release date in a few more weeks.

This hasn’t been confirmed at the official H!P site or by any other UFA related Twitter accounts but I will update with any more details or confirmations once they are released.

Hopefully we get to hear from other companies about other releases being postponed since this doesn’t seem like the best time to release a single or album.

Universal Press Release Article

EDIT: Confirmed on Kikkawa Yuu’s official Universal Music site, the single will be postponed.

Kikkawa Yuu Official Universal Site




2 responses

15 03 2011

It’s understandable with the earthquake happening right now, their focus is the recovery from this tragic disaster. I know some artists who didn’t get to promote their single suffer a little bit in sales but overall no one is really worry about that right, just the recovery period after the eathquake which could take a while.

15 03 2011

Wow, poor Kikka. But I agree, this is a time for controlling the nuclear plants and making sure everyone is safe as well as preparing for the possibility of strong aftershocks and new tsunamis. That is Japan’s #1 priority right now, so I completely understand why they are pushing back releases. I believe that once the danger is mostly over (hopefully this month), THEN they will focus on rebuilging the economy, including the music industry.

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