Berrys Koubou – “7 Berryz Times” Album Previews Released

14 03 2011

Four previews for Berryz Koubou’s 7th album titled 7 Berryz Times have been released.

The previews are from Berryz Koubou’s current concert tour, so the quality isn’t the best but it should give us a pretty good idea of what the songs are like.

Like always if you prefer to listen to the radio previews instead then I strongly encourage you to wait a few more days until another preview is released.

Joshikai The Night and Onna no Pride

First is Joshikai The Night which features a really impressive techno instrumental along with a mature styled beat which seems to have lines for all of the members, and despite it being somewhat hard to listen to the instrumental I really loved the song since it has a unique techno sound and beat that most Berryz fans will most likely love.

Next is Onna no Pride (it starts at 4:21), and it has a cute upbeat sound which isn’t that impressive but still a nice touch for the album since it shows of a slower happy beat for fans to enjoy, and since it was played after Joshikai The Night it seems to follow the “mature” theme well due to both of the songs having a slower beat.

BOMB BOMB JUMP and Icchoume Rock!

Video uploaded by: wxryb

BOMB BOMB JUMP starts at 4:10, and from what I heard it seems like a fun song to perform at concerts since it has a great amount of energy for fans to jump to, but this is a song I have to listen to as a radio preview since the lyrics seem to be pretty interesting although I couldn’t hear the instrumental that well, despite that I enjoyed the song since it seems fun.

Icchoume Rock! starts at 8:02 and like its name says it has a guitar filled instrumental and so far it’s my favorite song since it has a great amount of energy along with a catchy beat and great vocals, but I look forward to hearing a recorded studio version since the instrumental seems amazing.

Overall I loved the four songs, and even though some of them seem to repeat a bit too much they all seem like great additions to the album which fans will most likely love, but like always it’s hard to make a judgement on a concert rip since the instrumental is somewhat hard to hear so I will wait until radio previews are out before I make my mind up.

Hopefully everyone who is interested checks the concert recordings out but if you would like to hear the songs in a radio preview instead I encourage you to wait a few more days (or weeks) until they are released.

The release date is set for 3/30.




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