Morning Musume – “Maji Desu ka Ska!” PV Preview Released

10 03 2011

A PV preview for Morning Musume’s 45th single titled Maji Desu ka Ska! has been released.

The preview is only about a minute and a half long but despite it being short I really love the way it looks so far since it has a simple but fun theme that matches the song, great choreography, and a great dance shot background made up of giant letters with the title of the song, and even though some fans might say that it is a bit too simple I think this is a great first PV for the 9th generation.

The PV only features about 3 shots so far: the solo close-up shots, the dance shot with the giant title, and solo shots of each member in front of the title (for example, Kanon smiling at the camera through the “Ma” symbol), and so far it seems to be somewhat simple since the close-up shots are all basically the same with just a different colored background for each member, although it is a great way for each member to be in the spotlight during their lines.

The dance shot is the main shot of the PV since we get to see quite a bit of the choreography, and even though I don’t concentrate that much on dances while I watch most PVs I was impressed with the many moves that each member did, such as the line dance during the chorus or Ai’s spinning before Reina’s lines, since it matches the fun and cute style of the song perfectly.

The last type of shot we got to see were of the 9th generation members playing around the title of the song, and I really liked them since they were a pretty creative and nice way of showing off the fun sound of the song while giving the PV some variety.

The PV seems to be more simple than other previous releases and as a result it might not be liked by some fans, but I really enjoyed the PV since it does a fantastic job of matching the happy beat of the song along with a creative dance, setting, and shots of all of the members while giving each member a chance to shine in the solo shots and dance shots.

I love the PV so far and I really look forward to seeing the rest of the PV soon (which should be in the next few days), so hopefully we get the full PV soon since this PV is a great release for the 9th generation.

Like always I suggest everyone watch it as soon as possible since there is always a possibility it might be taken down.

The release date is set for 3/23.

Video uploaded by: pnkn12r

EDIT: Alternate link in case the video above is taken down:

Video uploaded by: javillo001




14 responses

10 03 2011

Meh… I don’t know it just seems kinda… weird watching the girls who did “Kimagure Princess” be all happy/smiley and innocent… Don’t get me wrong the 9th gen. sounds great and so do the other members but it just seems really dissonant with some of the older members… more like an S/mileage song. But hey, I don’t hate it and I’m sure it’ll be great publicity for the 9th gen.

10 03 2011

Ai looks sexy. There said it. Out of the system. XD
Erina will hopefully feel more comfy infront of the camera. I had a flashback with the old genki Ai and Risa. I think that Risa fits this feel well.^^ The PV is alright and I think that it fits the song but… it wasnt what I was expecting. The lace tights and skulls shocked me a little. But overall its ok.

10 03 2011

Nicely done I say.
Also: I though Gaki’s shirt said a swear word for a minute there! XD oopsies lol

10 03 2011

So cute! I totally love it! <3

10 03 2011

OMGG i love love love it :D:D
it’s sooo simple that i just absolutely adore it :D:D
just like the old morning musume singles – simple, but creative.
I’m really looking foward to the whole thing :)

10 03 2011

I really really enjoyed it. I think the 9th gen did great….

10 03 2011


10 03 2011

uuugh seriously loved this. O.O idk why…. this just reminded me of… idk… OMFG… >…< I loved the 6:50 part when all the new members get paired up with the seniors and Ai in the middle~ <3

11 03 2011

^I meant Reina int he middle. xDDD
Ai and Riho are partnerssss~~

11 03 2011

luv it!!
congratz 9th gen.!! they were great

11 03 2011

thank you for uploading my video!!!
i still looking for the PV!!!
i will updated this website for the PV!! :)

11 03 2011

Oh my good.

Eripon can smile. And it’s such a nice smile too. Perhaps my opinion of her is changing now.

11 03 2011

I love it!!!:X
Eripon really looks different in this PV, I see that she is giving her best XD

11 03 2011

Eripon did so well. She’s been my favourite since the auditions started. Ganbatte Eripon~

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