Kitahara Sayaka, Sekine Azusa, Arai Manami and Satou Ayano Have Finished Their Training

10 03 2011

According to a recent fan club posting Kitahara Sayaka, Sekine Azusa, Arai Manami and Satou Ayano have finished their Hello! Pro Egg training.

Kitahara Sayaka is now under Tight Pro Corporation, another agency under UF that manages T-Pistonz.

I’m very surprised to see that four Eggs have now finished their training since it hasn’t been that much after we heard Kikka and other Eggs had completed their training as well, and even though it seems that this year there won’t be that many Eggs left (there are only 13 Eggs left now) it does give the members a chance to go on to other actress or singing careers.

It’s interesting to note that all of the former Eggs have some sort of job already planned out for them, with Satou, Sekine and Arai being in the group UFZS, but I am more interested in finding out what Sayaka will do since she seems to already be under another UF agency, which might mean we might get to hear her sing or we could see her act or appear in shows, although since the announcement is still somewhat new we have no idea at this moment.

Hopefully more info is released about the future plans for Sayaka, but I wish the best of luck to all of them in their future activities and I look forward to finding out what each one of them will do.

Official FC Announcement About Sayaka, Ayano, Azusa, and Manami Completing Their Training




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10 03 2011

I’m glad that these girls are finally finished with their training (and hopefully they’ll all still be active in H!P), but with all these announcements, I’m actually a bit surprised that Saho Akari hasn’t been one of them. She’s really talented and from what I can tell, she’s also pretty popular, too. O_o

10 03 2011

I’m happy for them!! finally getting out into the world of entertainmentttt
yes i feel so too- akari saho is soo experienced~
although I believe she will finish her training soon~ **hopes

10 03 2011

I agree, Saho Akari has a high chance of being one of the next eggs to finish her training; and I’m kinda disappointed that she wasn’t with this “batch”.
C’mon, Tsunku….New group….New group!!!!
I think it’d be interesting to see another generation of Eggs, too though.

10 03 2011

Maybe Akari is going to do something else (leader in a unit or band would be supergreat). She is going to do that event with the other, younger, eggs, maybe UFA/H!P is planning something for them :).

btw, I count 16 eggs:

Anri Tanaka, Mia Sainen, Akari Saho, Asuna Okai, Momoka Komine, Irori Maeda, Rie Kaneko, Akari Takeuchi, Karin Miyamoto, Tomomi Hirano, Rina Katsuta, Sayuki Takagi, Nanami Tanabe, Runa Kizawa, Wakana Nagasawa, Haruka Kudou

10 03 2011

Sayaka in the same agency as T-Pistonz, huh? I’ve looked into that group and that agency sounds like something Sayaka might be suited to.

Not only Akari, but I figured Irori would be among the batch of “completed eggs” soon too. They both have been in egg subgroupish things like SCE (or in Sayaka and Kikka’s case, Milkyway, and Sengoku’s case Ongaku Gatas) Then again, Sekine, Ayano, nor Manami have been in subgroups.

10 03 2011

But since they are in UFZS, you can sort of consider that as a sub-group before their graduation from EGGS; they’re just still in it.
Considering this, your theory still stands. =3

10 03 2011

Well it seems as such a trend has been happening since Mano or even Nocchi graduated coz if you notice:
Nocchi had Gatas and Tomoiki, Mano had Gatas, Ayaka had SCE, Kanon had SCE, Yuuka had SCE, Tomoiki AND High-King, Sengoku had Gatas, Kikka had MilkyWay, Mizuki had SCE, Mori had Tomoiki and has UFZS, Konatsu had Tomoiki and has UFZS, Manami has UFZS, Ayano has UFZS, Sekine has UFZS and Sayaka had MilkyWay.
The only exception I can see is Yui Okada, Kanna Arihara (yes she was), Saki Ogawa, and Saki had experience such as that TV duet with Manami (which would probably count under Manami’s experience count too). Leaving Yui and Kanna the only exceptions.
So going by this pattern SCE has Akari and Irori left, and the shuffles have Takeuchi and possibly Karin in Shin MiniMoni (some may disagree with Karin but she does have stuff under her belt.). Saho’s also got Aa! under her belt. So the only exception I know of might be Nanami where she’s only recently joined eggs.

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