“Hello! Channel 4” Announced

10 03 2011

Hello! Project’s mook titled Hello! Channel 4 has been announced.

It’s great to see that we are finally getting a chance to find out the release date for this mook since there has been numerous mentions by members about who is pairing up with who to do a special segment, and so far the groups that we have seen are really interesting.

The first group that was revealed was Fukuda Kanon and Suzuki Kanon who will be doing a fairy or princess themed shoot for their segment (I believe Fukuda is a princess, and Suzuki is a fairy):

And apart from the cute pairing above we will also see Reina at a Harley Davidson shop (a motorcycle shop) as well as Gaki and Maasa doing another photo shoot, although the theme hasn’t been detailed, and despite the lack of information I am very interested so far with what we know since all of the pairs look pretty interesting.

Hopefully we get a few more details about this release soon, but I look forward to finding out more about the different groups and what they are going to do.

The release date is set for 4/15.

S/mileagestaff Twitter Announcement About Hello! Channel 4




2 responses

10 03 2011

Kanon is cinderella x333333333 cinderella and a fairy xDD so cute!!!~

10 03 2011

Kanon and Kanon~! I knew something would be put in place with that! XD

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