C-ute – “Chou WONDERFUL!6” HQ Covers Released

10 03 2011

Left: Regular ; Right: Limited

HQ covers for C-ute’s 6th album titled Chou WONDERFUL!6 have been released.

It’s great to see that we finally have the HQ covers available since we already got to see the outfits more precisely from the profile pictures on the H!P site, and the covers look even more impressive when we get to see the details.

The Regular Edition cover is a picture of C-ute walking down or through a mettalic tunnel that seems very futuristic and robotic, and we get to see all of their poses that are almost robotic for Chisa and Mai, probably because they are on the borders and seem to have soldiers attitude. Maimi and Nakky wearing shorts, are in the back, and even though it is the case, I’m glad taht no member is overshadowed by another and their very focused expressions add to the theme of the album.

The Limited Edition cover is more silver and white compared to the dark setting of the regular cover, and the expressions of each member are really amazing since they each have or a very focused face, or a strong facial expression. The girls are standing one next to the other, showing their silver left leg and looking at a certain point, and the fact that they are not looking directly at the camera is really special and new.

The title in both covers is written in a same font which is metallic and edgy, in white for the regular cover and in gray for the limited, and I really like how the managed to fit both white and gray in both covers in some kind of way, combining the background and the title.

Overall, I’m really amazed by how well the covers look and hopefully everyone can reserve a copy to support them.

The release date is set for 3/23.

Amazon Page for Regular Edition Cover

Amazon Page for Limited Edition Cover




One response

10 03 2011

good,now I can see them!XD

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