New C-ute Profile Pictures For “Chou WONDERFUL!6” Released

9 03 2011

The H!P official site has been updated with new profile pictures of C-ute for their 6th album titled Chou WONDERFUL!6.

The outfit and hairstyles used are the same as the ones on the album covers, and we finally get a chance to see them up-close and see each member’s expression and solo looks:

It seems that there are 2 type of outfits: Maimi and Nakky got a combination of silver shorts with sleeveless tops while Airi, Chisato and Mai have a skirt and a more loose top, even though the accessories that consist of black leather gloves and a long arm-bracelet are the same for all of the girls, with only the positionning that differs.

Their hairstyle are really impressive since they managed to have the same style with each member having a particularity that makes it different and unique: Maimi has a straight ponytail with full bangs, Airi has a straight ponytail too but with sided bangs that are a little longer than usual, Nakky is bangs-free while Chisa and Mai have a sided ponytail with the same sided bangs, but with braids added to Chisa’s hairstyle.

The most impressive out of all should be their full-body pictures since they each take a special pose that reveal their silver left leg and their similar black boots, and I have to say that I’m surprised with how well the girl’s expression fit with the futuristic and new theme that the album has.

Overall, I’m rally impressed with the outfits and the original hairstyles so hopefully bigger covers for the album will be released soon to see them.

The release date is set for 3/23.

H!P official C-ute page




9 responses

9 03 2011

I vote Nakky as the winner [of futuristic looks] <3
But perhaps that's 'cause she pulls off the "[futuristic] game character" look really well XD
(And her having her arms down, during the full-body shot, is pretty unique in H!P~)

9 03 2011

Can’t agree more…
Her eyes are really fierce on both photos, tomb raider was the first thing i thought when i saw the full body picture… It would be super cool if she has a gun on each hand on that photo…. XD
The other are cute as always… :P

9 03 2011

I love C-ute and everything… but I need to be honest..

They look ridiculous….>_>

9 03 2011

They don’t look that bad.. Mai on the other hand.. she looks bad.

9 03 2011

idk xD
maimi airi and nakki im used to seeing them with a ponytail..
and they looks AWESOME…

but chisa and maimai…
its different…
idk… they look better with an other hairstyle…

i wonder though.. if maimai still look as cute as she used to when she was little with all her hair tied back… no bangs….

but i agree…. nakky looks best… then airi.. then maimi

9 03 2011

They. all. look. amazing <33333

9 03 2011

I think they all look fantastic! I’m so excited for this album, which is the first time I’ve ever been excited about an album before from any H!P group. Singles, yes. Albums, no. But this one I’m really looking forward to.

On the outfits, I personally don’t like Nakky’s hair. I like her better with bangs than without. Other then that, she looks great though. As goes for everyone!

But just one question… Did anyone else notice that Chisa has two arm bands in the close-up pic but only one in the full shot? Lol

9 03 2011

Why does Nacky remind me of an awesome shooter videogame character?

10 03 2011

wow i think Nacky looks the most epic in this!!
and yes i agree she does look the more futuristic *_*

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