Fukumura Mizuki e-Hello DVD Digest Released

8 03 2011

A preview for Fukumura Mizuki’s e-Hello DVD titled Greeting ~Fukumura Mizuki~ has been released on Morning Musume’s official YouTube channel.

It was announced by Momusu’s manager on twitter that each 9th generation member will be getting an e-Hello DVD each month, and it seems that they started off with Fuku-chan, probably because she is the oldest out of the 4 girls (if it is the case, Erina, Riho and Kanon will follow in this order).

The preview is very impressive since it’s the first time we get to see Mizuki in a video not related to H!P Eggs, so we get to see her real personality and appearance, and I have to say that I was surprised by how well she reacted in front of the camera the whole time.

The video starts off with an amazing close-up of Mizuki that reveals after a while her outfit which consists of a sweet pink sweater with a white top underneath, and she does various actions like turning around a curtain while smiling at the camera or looking deeply toward us, holding a cushion next to her, then talking a bit.

The second scene is one where we see Fuku-chan in a school uniform with her hair tied up in a ponytail, walking down the street and sitting on the ground of a garden or a sideway, looking sowftly at the camera the whole time, and the preview ends with an amazing close-up of her where she holds the camera and turn around with it.

Overall, I was really impressed with Fuku-chan’s beauty and how well she reacted with the camera, and I suggest everyone to watch it to see how well she did.

The release date is set for

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15 responses

8 03 2011

The cushion is from the IKEA, I have one in my bedroom =D

The dvd is awesome, Mizuki is really pretty!

8 03 2011

I’m thinking these e-Hello’s are a nice way to ease the new members in and prep them for future PB’s and solo DVD’s.

Can’t wait for Kanon’s e-Hello!

8 03 2011

wanna see ikutan’s e-hello…
wonder how she does it

8 03 2011

aaww,she is so sweet!! <3 she did a great job ^.^
I want to see Riho's one :X I already know that Kanon will be okay XD
but I wonder how Erina's one will be? :-?

8 03 2011

and I forgot to add that Mizuki looks like a princess. for me,she is the new Eri Kamei ^^

8 03 2011

I was very impressed with the preview. Mizuki is really pretty and has potential to be one of the best members of the new generation. I always thought she is beautiful, but she is more beautiful than I expected. In all the clothes that I could see her wearing in the preview looks very well. I’ll try to buy this dvd, I think she will be my favorite inside MM when Ai-chan graduate.

8 03 2011

yayy omgoshh she did soo great :)
I’m soo excited for her :)
She’s very pretty, I’m jealous!!
She has alot of potential to become a lead singer of Momosu

8 03 2011


8 03 2011

Wow, Fuku-chan is such a beauty!
I’ve never watched an E-Hello thing all the way through, because they would bore me, but… For some reason… She has me captivated.

A real goddess <3

8 03 2011

dun, dundun, dun~

(my thoughts through-out)

8 03 2011

SeiFUKU!!!! xD lame pun<3
she really looks good in the one she wears!

8 03 2011

soo pretty!!! Fuku-chan I am so officially jealous…. :)

9 03 2011

To me, she looks like a mix of Wada Ayaka and Hagiwara Mai

She’s a very beautiful girl!

9 03 2011

Gorgeous Fuku-chan. Certainly idol material, let alone Morning Musume! she totally belongs where she is now!
I’m curious how the others’ will turn out, Kanon especially *is expecting to be surprised*. They dolled her up all nice in profile pics, and that high energy she seems to have should be something for the camera at least.
For some reason I see Riho as going cutesy. I mean, I say she has to look to support it, and maybe a cutesy approach will be a bit more bearable with her than the other 2 cutesies we’ve had (after all, she has the talent to make sure it is, right?). Either way, Riho should be an enjoyment on video. (But really, she doesn’t or shouldn’t need THAT much more cutesy IMO.)
As for Erina, I say she may be more comfortable on video than photo. From what I’ve seen, Morning Musume was EXACTLY what she wants and she’ll do whatever it takes to win peoples’ hearts while she’s there! She seems to be taking that approach. Hopefully we’ll be able to see that kind of “ganbare~!” personality show on video.

12 03 2011

She do it perfectly …

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