Berryz Koubou – “7 Berryz Times” Covers Released

8 03 2011

Left: Limited ; Right: Regular


The LQ covers for Berryz Koubou’s 7th album titled 7 Berryz Times have been released.

Both of the covers are very eye-catching and seems to have a theme described as chic and elegant since all of the girls are wearing simple black dresses with different accessories for each girl which seem to be the only difference, and even though it is the case, they still add to each member’s originality and own style.

The Regular Edition cover features the girls in the black outfits standing in a line while doing each a various pose holding a mic, and even though the poses of Risako and Miyabi may seem a little bit too rock or this cover, the overall look fits the classy theme with the curtains in the background that seem to refer to the girls being on a stage or theatre.

The Limited Edition cover is a montage of all of the member’s faces, and even though this kind of cover is used repeatedly by Berryz recently, I still like how it looks since the facial expression of each one of them is really unique and special, as well as the “disco” themed background that combine with the white from the pictures.

Overall, I’m excited to see higher quality covers to check out all of the details, and I’m very impressed with the general theme these covers have.

The release date is set for 3/30.

H!P official page about album


EDIT: Here are the HQ covers from the amazon page about the album!

Nothing much to add, except maybe the fact that the title seems really hard to read in the Limited Edition, as well as the various new hairstyles that the members are each wearing: from Chii’s extensions to Miya’s braids, these new hairstyles complement well the fancy covers.


Amazon page about Regular Edition album

Amazon page about Limited Edition album




7 responses

8 03 2011

Risako is center! ♥ I really love her! ♥

8 03 2011
9 03 2011

Thank you for the links ^_^
i have just added the HQ covers!

8 03 2011

Omg no what have they done to Risako’s hair? ;~;
But Chisami and Yurina looks stunning~ (well they all do)

8 03 2011

What ever happened to Yurina at center? D;

but still.. AMAZING COVER!

Miyabi looks so gorgeous!!!

8 03 2011

Love Miyabi’s new hairstyle!


8 03 2011

Are they trying to turn Risako into Audrey Hepburn?
’cause, if so, they’re doing fairly well with it XD

But I find it hilarious how Risako, Momo, and Maa tend to have the same face nearly every photo XD
(not just these, of course)

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