Hello Project – “Hello! Project 2011 WINTER ~Kangei Shinsen Matsuri~” DVD Cover Released

7 03 2011

The cover for Hello Project’s “Hello! Project 2011 WINTER ~Kangei Shinsen Matsuri~A-gana Live” dvd cover has been released.

It features all the members in their concert outfits in their “Mobekimasu” groups and at the bottom it features a snapshot of the shuffle groups in a performance. Morning Musume is using their “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game” outfits, while C-ute, Berryz Koubou and Mano are using a concert outfit and S/mileage is using an outfit from one of their singles.

I’m not sure what “A-gana” means but it really stands out on the dvd cover and I’m thinking that UFA is releasing the different setlist on DVD this year. “A-gana” would be for setlist A-1, it’s not confirmed but I would hope that’s what they do.

Another thing that has caught my eye is the top logo. The cherry blossoms on the cover gives it a nice calming theme. Though I usually associate cherry blossoms with Spring so I find it confusing that they would put cherry blossoms on the Winter DVD. Regardless of that I like the pink background and cherry blossom at the top.

Hopefully all fans can pre-order or purchase a copy when it’s released. Please support H!P by purchasing from sources that count towards the Oricon charts.

The release date is currently unknown.

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7 responses

7 03 2011

High-King in suits! I love it!

7 03 2011

Do I see Aa! or do I see Aa! ?:D

7 03 2011

when will de dvd be released anyways ???

7 03 2011

Oooh! That’s Aa!

7 03 2011

If you’re wondering about the S/mileage costumes, they’re altered versions of the outfits for “Shortcut”, probably making them easier to dance in.

7 03 2011

The logo is absolutely beautiful X3

But they did their usual, “We need every single member and group – even sub-groups – on this thing as well as have seniority in this”…
I’m pretty sure they can include such things that clash with one-another (so horridly, too) on the BACK of the case without making it such a sore to look at =_=;
(AKA: If they featured the logo only on the front, as well as those format-whatever symbols near it, then this would be a tempting buy. For those interested in who are in it or at least what’s included, have the images of fail there)

Ah, I’ll never buy these things anyway since I’m so cheap
(the covers never make it remotely tempting)

8 03 2011

Ahhhh~ Shin Minimoni, Tanpopo# and especially zoku v-u-den…so empty. XD
I hope if 9th gen gets put it, it’ll be like
Tanpopo# – Fukuchan
Shin Minimoni – Riho
zoku v-u-den – Eripon
ZYX-a – Zukki

… I’ve got 9th gen on the brain. XD
I can’t wait for this DVD… ShinMM’s Crazy About You. <3
I wonder if this is A-1 or both A patterns…? Hmm.

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