Morning Musume “Maji Desu ka Ska!” Short PV Preview Released

6 03 2011

A short 10 second PV preview for Morning Musume’s 45th single titled Maji Desu ka Ska! has been released.

The preview is really short, but it’s great that we at least get to see a small video with a few scenes from the PV since fans can know what to expect, and after seeing the preview I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to watching the PV since the scenes we saw were pretty impressing.

There are two scenes in the short preview: the dance shot and the close-up shot, and the first one we barely got a chance to see is the Close-up shot where Mizuki, Riho, Ikuta, and Kanon were in front of colored background singing to the camera, and apart from the somewhat average looking yellow, red, and blue backgrounds I really liked the way that shot looks so far since the 9th generation members all sang with a lot of energy.

The dance shot features all of Momusu singing in front of giant letters with the title for the single on a checkerboard patterned floor, and in this preview we get to see the line dance that was mentioned on Bijo Gaku along with a few more moves which looked pretty impressing.

The most important detail for the PV is that they are not using the outfits from their profile pictures, and instead they are wearing colored leather jackets with black short shorts, boots, and a different patterned shirt underneath, and I am pretty impressed with the way the outfits look since they seem like a better way of distinguishing each member.

Since we haven’t seen all of the official goods for Momusu’s concert tour we aren’t sure if these are the new member colors, but it is worth noting the colors since most of them match up with their original member colors (mostly Ai with red, Mitsui with purple, etc): Kanon is orange, Mitsui is purple, Riho is yellow, Ai is red, Reina is white, Sayu is pink, Ikuta is sky blue, Gaki is brown or light orange (I’m not sure what color it is though), and Mizuki is green (or aqua).

Apart from that there isn’t that much else to talk about since it was just 10 seconds from the PV, which is not even close to the total length of the song, so we will most likely see more scenes in the full PV when it is released during the next few days.

Since the preview has just aired I would say that the full PV will be released sometime next week, so hopefully we get to see it soon so we can find out more about it, but so far I am pretty impressed with the scenes and the setting they used and I am looking forward to seeing the full PV when it is released

The release date is set for 3/23.

Video uploaded by: metoice




10 responses

6 03 2011

HUGE UNION JACKS ON AI AND KANON’S SHIRTS. 2 LITTLE ONES ON ERINA’S! WHEN ARE THEY COMING TO THE UK!!?! I’m still waiting on Buono! who where them like in EVERY concert!

6 03 2011

H!P always seem to be teasing us Brits lol I really want them to come here, especially Momusu and Buono! <33333

Even though this preview was very short I really love it, especailly the split screen close up of the 9th Gen <33333

Hopefully we'll see a longer preview or even the full PV sometime during the next 2 weeks <33333

6 03 2011

Exactly! Where is our London Concert?? D:

6 03 2011

OMG Buono! to came to UK that would be awesome!XD (even if I don’t live in UK TT_TT)
and Momusu too :D I would take the airplane and go to the concert by the first chance!

6 03 2011

Looks promising. too bad it’s only 12 seconds long T-T

6 03 2011

Quality is awesome like the colors and everything that they used are really good.
K im excited!!! Hopefully the whole single comes out next week and not when I got away on vacation the week after… cuz than im gonna have 2 wait till i get bak on the 23rd to see it!!! i cant wait that long :P

6 03 2011

waaahhhh it’s only a preview but I replayed it like 20 times already!!!TT_TT
I want to see the PV,and I WANT THEIR CLOTHES!!!!I love them,they are so punk and cool and… and… xD
and the 9th gen looks good on their close-up’s :D and I love the dance,it’s full of energy!XD

7 03 2011
Preview Of New Morning Musume PV Released « International Wota

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8 03 2011

Help get #morningmusume to be the trending topic on twitter for 22/3 and 23/3
Spread the word! <3

9 03 2011

Just as I feared, the older Momusu members are not yet meshing with the newcomers. The song is geared toward the young ones — and not the Elders.

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