Official “Keitai Kanojo” and “BLACK ANGELS” Sites Opened

4 03 2011

Official sites for both Suzuki Airi’s movie titled Keitai Kanojo and Yajima Maimi’s movie BLACK ANGELS have been opened.

It’s really great to see those sites opened since from the announcement of these 2 DVD releases, they did get a good amount of promotion which is always great to see for Airi and Maimi.

Both of the sites feature the story of the movie as well as a trailer for each movie which should give us a good idea of what to expect from them, and by the trailers, I have to say that I’m impressed by Airi and Maimi’s acting skills whether it’s in a horror scene (Airi) or action (Maimi).

I recommend everyone to watch the trailers to see how well Airi and Maimi act in their roles and get a general idea of both movies.

The release date for Keitai Kanojo is set for 4/6.

The release date for BLACK ANGELS is set for 4/27.

Official Keitai Kanojo site

Official BLACK ANGELS site




3 responses

4 03 2011

OMG I’m amazed of their acting talents!!!O.O at first,i didn’t think that they are good at acting too,especially Airi(idk why,I just had a feeling XD )but the trailers are GREAT!!!! I waited so much for the Keitai Kanojo trailer to appear,since I didn’t understood the story very well,but now I know what’s the drama about,and I’m going to watch BLACK ANGELS as well,beacause the trailer look very well!XD

5 03 2011
Solo Kazuki

They SHOULD release movies with english subs! After all translation is almost nothing in overall costs of movie and it will increase sales for not japanese speaking fans.

5 03 2011
Comam3 TaMadaku

hmm..I just wanna ask the music used in keitai kanojyo,,also in black angels? they sound awesome..I’m totally looking forward to watching both =)

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