Berryz Koubou – “Girls Times” Radio Preview Released

4 03 2011

A preview for a track from Berryz Koubou’s 7th album titled Girls Times has been released.

The song has a calm but upbeat sound along with lyrics for all of the members and a guitar solo during the bridge, and despite the somewhat calm and repetitive sound I did enjoy the song quite a bit since it had a cute sound and a happy sounding instrumental.

It isn’t the most impressing song I have heard (mainly due to the calm beat that seems to repeat and repeat) but it seems like a cute addition to the single and a nice way for all of the members to sing together, and while this is only the first preview I hope that the album has more songs with a catchier beat.

Overall the song is a bit too slow for me, but since it is the first preview of the album it was somewhat expected that they wouldn’t immediately show off their most impressive song from the album so we will most likely have to wait a bit more until we get slightly more catchier songs.

Hopefully everyone checks out the song since it is worth at least one listen.

The release date is set for 3/30.

Video uploaded by: Dahisukesweet




3 responses

4 03 2011

The line count, if I’m right is;
Momo: 7
Chii: 3
Miya: 4
Maa: 3

Not to sure about Momo and Miya though. I counted whil I don’t plan on listening again for the moment. I ussually wait for the album. Yayay. Bout the 7 Photobook though ^_^

5 03 2011

0_0 Yuri is tall 0_0 She’s the tallest in H!P though XD

6 03 2011

[off] anyone knows Where can we download the kanji lyrics of the lastest radio previews and PV like this!??

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