New K-Pop Dance Project For 5 H!P Eggs

3 03 2011

A new project have been announced for 5 of the H!P Eggs which are Satou Ayano, Arai Manami, Sekine Azusa, Furukawa Konatsu, and Mori Saki (respectivley from left to right on the picture).

I’m a little confused about the title of “Eggs” being attributed or not to Mori Saki and Furukawa Konatsu since both of them have finished their training previously, but since they are not officialy in any group or solo project and working currently with fellow H!P Eggs members, I’ll go with this naming.

The project that was mentionned is really special since it consists of these girls forming atemporary dance group called UFZS that will represent Up-Front Agency in this particular type of dance covers that other Japanese groups and artists are also doing, where each agency/compagny will be represented by a group of their artists.

The mention was about the girls debuting officially at an event called DREAM ON! vol.2, and even though the description of their activities are vague, the overall idea is as following: the girls now forming this group will perform several K-Pop dance covers in a competition that will most probably not be held in one day (they mentionned their debut only at one precise date).

Overall, I’m extremely happy to hear that UFA has chosen talented Eggs instead of their current artists to form a group at this competition and since they are debuting and will probably be active for awhile, it’ll be really interesting to see some of their covers to this special dances.

Even if I’m still unsure about the whole concept of this new project, hopefully we’ll get more precise details soon.

Their debut will be during the event on 3/31 called DREAM ON! vol.2 at Shibuya O-East.




13 responses

3 03 2011

Good to see the Eggs are keeping busy!

3 03 2011

im gad theyre debuting…
though im kinda disappointed that theyre a dancegroup that covers songs…

was actually hoping konatsu would be debut with singing or something else….

but well….gues im happy theyve got something :D

3 03 2011

huh… i don’t really get it but anyway, im happy for the eggs!! :)
im going to need more infoo :P

3 03 2011

Am I the only one who thought Jang Dayeon would be in this group?

3 03 2011

maybe it’s a head start to create a group like c-ute! We all know that they’re the best dancers and maybe the idea is to make another group that’s mad up of great dancers!

3 03 2011

finally , eggs get to take part- theire probably sick of egg training
plz do SNSD dance covers!! show them H!P can do anything!!

4 03 2011

Well we know where Mori and Konatsu are going, but what about Sengoku.

i do half get the point of this… I’m thinking that this may be the start of a major unit debut for these ladies seeing Mori and Konatsu have completed training. Which lead me to the fact that maybe Satou, Manami, and Sekine have completed too?

5 03 2011

What about Jang Da Yeon?

5 03 2011

Jang is probably going to do something else, and anyway it seems that this group is just a small way of making use of the many dancing talents that the Eggs have ^_^

6 03 2011

She should be in the group or be part of a unit :O! D;
I haven’t heard of her in years… well since she joined ><

*note: I am umNO xD*

6 03 2011

Well she participated in the 2011 hello project concert with the other eggs

11 04 2011

But still She should be in this unit D;

6 03 2011

Yay!!!$!!!!! Finally arai manami gets to be inthe spotlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s one of my favs!!!!!

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