Morning Musume-Full Radio Preview of “Maji Desu ka Ska!” Released

3 03 2011

The full radio preview of “Maji Desu ka Ska!” has been released.

If you listened to the short radio preview then you must have a good idea of what the song is like. They start with the first verse with the 9th gen members each having a solo line and then the Reina, Sayu, Aika, Gaki, Ai and Reina ends with a short line. They repeat this pattern again in the second verse except this time the order goes Ai, Sayu, Aika, Gaki, Reina and Ai.

I’m glad that each member got a solo line since it gives everyone a chance to shine and it’s different than the Ai-Reina leads we’ve been having. Ai-Reina do have more lines than the other members but it’s not as they were leading the entire songs like the previous singles.

I have to say with each members getting a solo song they sound a lot like themselves and I’m loving the song. I’m not sure how everyone else is but some of Morning Musume’s previous singles I had a hard time distinguishing each member’s voice, even during the solo lines it was hard to tell who was singing, but with this one you can clearly hear who is singing and as I’m listening to the song I can picture the members singing as themselves and acting as themselves.

If your not sure what I mean than think of “Kimagure Princess”, Momusu wouldn’t sing this song with a giant smile on their faces and run around on stage kissing each other, they would stick to the dance and they’d do this song seriously. With “Maji Desu ka Ska!” even though we don’t know what the dance is like yet we can picture that they’re running around having fun.

There’s been a lot of mixed feelings for this single, some fans love it, some fans hate it, just remember everyone’s taste is different so please respect the fans who either love or hate it.

Please support the group by purchasing a single. Hopefully this single does well since it’s really different from what Morning Musume has been releasing lately.

The single is set to release on 3/23.




24 responses

3 03 2011

It’s a new gen, therefore I give them the benefit of the doubt.

Going by the preview, Momusu has yet to “break the chain” when it comes to releases for me. I still love them.

3 03 2011

Change is always a Momusu advantage and whether it is mature or genki, they fit both style perfectly and I’m positive about this single since I’m sure the PV will have a very cool dance judging by the instrumental breaks and I’m thinking of a very happy setting with a scene where they all just run and fool around!

Everyone have solo time which is amazing specially to Aika this time ^_^
Can’t wait for the PV now !! =D

4 03 2011

I just wondered if you’d do a post abou this video:

It has the dance practice for the actual SINGLE :D We get to see like 1/2 the dance and in the like last 15 seconds, you can see the PV OUTFITS :DD

3 03 2011

In the second verse the order goes Ai (and not Reina), Sayu, Aika, Risa, Reina & Ai.

This song is just PURE WIN !!!
I love the fact that everyone has a solo line, especially the 9th generation’s members. Long time we didn’t have a so genki single
I just can’t wait for the PV

[url=]Here you can have a preview for Maji Desu ka SUKA! dance[/url]

3 03 2011

thanks for catching that, i must’ve been listening to the wrong part since I kept rewinding it, ^_^. Thanks for correcting me

3 03 2011

Oh my gosh.
I love it. I really REALLY do love it.

3 03 2011

The second order goes Aichan, Sayumin, Mittsi, Gaki, Reina, and then back to Aichan. o.o

But I still can’t stop listening to this <3
After hearing the full thing, "Ah, this definitely has a Momusu feel to it."
My thoughts at the time, that is XD

3 03 2011

Thanks for catching that, I kept rewinding the song and I probably heard the wrong part.

3 03 2011

I really love this song! Morning Musume always changes and this song completely fits the Momusu with gen 9… it’s less sexy and more genki… Like it was before…

I love the fact everyone has solos! I was always like >_< JUNLIN!!!! T__T But now Everyone got two lines, isnt it?! They can show off their singing abilities and show the fans that they are improving, so many people will love them! I hope they will get lines in next singles too <3 Because they all sound really nice <3

And I pre-ordered the single today! n__n

3 03 2011

for one, i have been waiting for this for a LONG LONG TIME!!!
it’s sooo good!!!!
i really like it!!!
it’s soo happy and exciting and fresh. I’m really happy with it :)
The only problem i have: why is it soo short? :P
lmaoo im pretty sure the last morning musume single (onna to otoko no lullaby game) was almost 4:30
that’s a big difference!!
But thats okay, it’s actually very good the song!!!
I’m really excited to see the PV now:D:D:D

3 03 2011

and if i shall add, AIKA HAS LINES!!!!!!!!!!!!
pretty sure she hasn’t had 2 solo lines since…. onna ni sachi are :P

3 03 2011

sorry I’m leaving soo many comments.. but here’s a preview for the PV outfits:!-quot-Announced/page5

scroll all the way down.

3 03 2011

Leave as many comments as you like, sometimes you forget something and you have to go back and say it so I know what’s that like. Thanks for sharing that, I really like the outfits but I can’t see too much of it.

3 03 2011
Dave Snow

Yes! Here it is ladies and gentlemen!! The latest single from Morning S/Mileage!! —–Oops! I mean Morning Musume!! Anyway, I’ll admit it is cute, but I can’t feature Ai-chan and Risa dancing to this!! Lol! I’m still looking forward to the PV! And I will ALWAYS love Morning Musume!!!!!!!!

3 03 2011

URGHHH. I love this song but it annoys me that the 9th gen get all clear lines and the rest of the member’s lines are slightly muffled TvT

3 03 2011

I love it and I think Tsunku did a great job with the choosing of the 9th generation!
That being said, the song is way too short.

3 03 2011

ok, from that pic of the preview of the outfits in the PV…OMG LOOOOVE THEM!
love the the song, very addicting. But I do agree, it’s too short XD

3 03 2011

Apart from the fact that I’m dying because Risa’s bangs are pinned back in the dance shot at the end *shudder* I’m super super excited for this single! This’ll be the first single I buy.. from any group, ever.. (hey man, I’m a poor middle schooler xD)

3 03 2011

Thanks for sharing, it gives us an idea of what the dance pv is going to be like :) I have to say the dance looks amazing!

3 03 2011

Must be a song Tsunku had left over from the Guardians. Terrible song; I really had some hope for this but business a usual.

3 03 2011

Tsunku didn’t write songs for Guardians 4 (if thats who your referring to). He didn’t write any songs for any of the shugo-groups, Buono! included. Pony Canyon is the label they were under, which isn’t Tsunku’s (his is Zetima).

4 03 2011

Don’t be so down on it. I understand if you don’t like it, but it is really good. It’s just a different style.

3 03 2011

I saw the little preview of the PV. and since I fell in love to the song from the first time I heard the full version, now I just can’t wait to see the full PV.

4 03 2011

Giant lettrrs in the PV!!
That hasn’t been used for a while ;)

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