Morning Musume Announces 46th Single, Currently Untilted

2 03 2011

Morning Musume announces 46th single, currently “Untitled.

I’m not too surprised that they announced the 46th single before the 45th is even released. With Berryz Koubou and S/Mileage already doing that I sort of expected C-ute and Morning Musume to follow the trend.

I am surprised though that the single is being released about 2 months after the 45th single. I thought that usually they needed time in between singles to work on promotions and get some rest but I’m grateful for more Morning Musume so I’m not going to complain.

The single is being released in four editions, Limited A,B,C and the Regular Edition. Please support Morning Musume and buy a copy when it’s released.

The released date is 5/18.

Neowing’s Limited A Page

Neowing’s Limited B Page

Neowing’s Limited C Page

Neowing’s Regular Page




11 responses

2 03 2011

2009 and 2010 had long lead time between singles, but this seems to be going back to how it used to be. Momusu’s 5th, 6th and 7th singles were released only two months apart each.

Looking forward to it. I wonder: will it continue the current “genki” trend or will it be slower, more mature?

Wondering if C-ute will soon announce their next song, if the current pattern holds.

2 03 2011

so we got 2 singles?:D how cool!^^

2 03 2011

wow…… H!P sure is fast with announcing things :o
BK 2 singles…
Airi 2 PB announcements….
now momusu :o

2 03 2011

Wow so fast!!! That’s great news since this means more 9gen apppearance and work ^_^

2 03 2011

I worry about their health too, and being too worn-out. Haha. XD
I’m assuming that we’ll get to see a preview of this at their spring concerts, since the release date is around three days after the last concert.
I guess they’re promoting 9th gen and showing as much Aichan as they can!! I hope they can release at least one more single with her after this one.

2 03 2011

I’m guessing they want to get as many singles in as possible while Ai-chan is still around.

2 03 2011

come on, i’m way to impatient for their 45th 2 come out and already i have 2 anticipate the next one?!
gahh, all this impatience is going to be the death of me :P
Anyway, I’m excited!!
I knew that they were going to do some quick releases in order to get the ninth generation noticed and release many things before Ai graduates, i’m just soo excited!!!
Maybe something rock? We haven’t seen that in a while!!! My fav single from Morning Musume is Shabondama, it was soo powerful!!

2 03 2011

and im sorry but WHEN is the full preview for their 45th gonna come out? :P
lmaoo im impatient… i want to hear all of it :P

2 03 2011

I can’t wait :3

3 03 2011

If you have no difficulty,could you purchase the 46th and 45th from Amazon Japan,YesAsia or CD Japan. These shops are Oricon weekly ranking cooperating shops and ship to anywhere in the world.CD Japan accepts International postal money order (for fans who have not credit card.) According to 2ch,the 45th sells well and Amazon japan is out of stocks. i already ordered limited A,B,C,D.

3 03 2011

I would actually encourage all fans to purchase from anywhere that cooperates with Oricon instead of other sites (like Ebay).

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