Kikkawa You – “Kikkake wa YOU!” PV Preview Released

2 03 2011

The PV preview for Kikkawa You (Yuu)’s first single titled Kikka ke wa YOU! have been released.

The preview is about 1:30 min long but still, I think it contains the essential scenes of the PV which are really amazing and we finally get to see her outfit and hear the rythm of the song, and I have to say that I’m impressed with the scenes, outfits and with Kikka’s amazing beauty.

The video starts off with an awesome circle-lighted background with Kikka’s shadow dancing in the middle where we get to see her first outfit which is a very cute yellow dress with circles on it’s top and flowers on the bottom, accessorised with a simple white headband that fits Kikka perfectly.

The PV overall seems to have 2 scenes: the scene in front of the colored circles that match her yellow dress where we see the dance shot and close-up, and another scene which is really playful and cute where Kikka is in a beautiful white dress with her hair styled in a bun. The room where she is in is also very remarquable since it’s a room full of colored baloons and cussions with a giant clock behind her where we see her do many various cute actions.

As for the song, it’s something very cute and new that we don’t get to see everyday in H!P, and combined with Kikka’s amazing voice and the very catchy instrumental and dance, the song seems to be a perfect first single for Kikka that will definitly get poeple’s attention.

Along with the preview, a special gallery has been opened at Universal Music’s website for Kikka where we get to see many images of her previous events, and it’s said to be updated constantly.

Hopefully the full PV will be out soon to hear the rest of the song and see the other things Kikka will do in this amazing release.

The release date is set for 3/30.

Kikkawa You’s special gallery




21 responses

2 03 2011

Uwaa~ Kikka-chan kawaii ne~~ XD

2 03 2011

Not bad although I personally think the coupling songs on the various limited editions are better (I myself have ordered the Limited A)

2 03 2011

This girl should’ve been made a soloist when she was first discovered!

2 03 2011

Please tell me again why this girl was passed over on MM, only to languish in the eggs. Oh ya! for that other girl Hum…what was her name again? Kikkawa has a great voice and the looks to go with it. I think this is a good start for her and can’t wait to see what unfolds.

2 03 2011

Because Aika had potential then. Yuu had to go through training, and I can still hear pitchy parts of the song. She isn’t perfect (Aika isn’t either), but she was not idol material before, whereas Mitsui was and still is.

2 03 2011

I actually really disliked her before because when i heard her other songs (form the concert) I was like “Oh great, another boring idol,” but I actually like this song. It’s nowhere near Aya (so biased), but it’s good! Definitely better than Mano Erina!

2 03 2011

I’m glad this PV (and the song) is an eye-catcher!
If she’s under universal, does that mean she’s still a part of H!P? Will she show up at the H!P summer/winter concerts?

2 03 2011

Yes she is a part of H!P but sponsored and produced by Universal Music =) She’s still a part of H!P so she’ll always make appearances on concert tours as an official soloist ^_^

2 03 2011

she reminds me of koharu kusumi (n_n)

3 03 2011

No way.
Kikka has an awesome voice and very beautiful.
Kusumi’s the exact opposite!

3 03 2011

Koha has both of those characteristics in a different sense.
Koha is an idol, while Kikka is a singer. =3
I think Koha did better when not in her Kirarin!voice, but she rarely did that; Kikka also sounds better in her normal voice.

But I don’t think that’s what Aida was speaking about XD

2 03 2011

YUP! Hello Project has done it again!

They have made another great star!!

I ADORE THIS GIRL! And I have always supported her since I saw her in Milky Way!

There were only acouple of dance moves I didnt like in the video.. cause its so cliche and so 5 years old..Its at 0:35- 0:37.. that arm moving thing… XDD

But anyway!

Honestly, I’m glad shes a soloist now! She deserves it and now she has her own spotlight..
If she was in MM, she would have to share it..


She looked so cute with the shots of her with the high-bun! *_*

2 03 2011

Sooo good!! I really like it!!
I knew that she was going to do amazing and she didn’t dissapont!!
I’m very excited for her :)
Good luck Kikka!!

2 03 2011

I agree with LalaLove. Ayaya was and still is the best <3

I'm glad they're adding another soloist to H!P. I have nothing against Mano, but I've never really liked her voice. She always sounds bored to me and there's just something about her voice that I find to be really unappealing. (But again, just my opinion.)

The PV is probably a little too childish for her, but I still like it. It has a Koha-vibe to it. <3

2 03 2011

She looks gorgeous, but I can’t say that I like the PV and the choreography very much :/

2 03 2011

I’m very impressed with this PV. Kikka looks absolutely wonderful all around. <3

3 03 2011

When I first saw her in the new year concerts I was sooo impressed!!
I love her voice and she is real pretty, surpassing Erina Mano??
<3 I wish her best of luck as a soloist

3 03 2011

She really is phenomenal and the PV is a great thing too, she has it all, elegance, insanity, vocal talent, cuteness… She ticks every box you want for an idol

3 03 2011

I’m not one to swear but She is F*cking Gorgeous. I love the song and PV too. Not sure about the dance though.

3 03 2011

I laugh every time I watch/listen to the beginning.
But that’s due to “Seikan Hikou” being a favourite of mine XD

Kikka is just, like, way too beautiful <3 <3 <3
And her voice is darling and I can't wait to hear how she'll improve
I'd like to see some EGGS as backup dancers, in the future~

5 03 2011

I don`t mean that they have the same voice or that they look like eachother, but I mean that the PV and all of the colors reminds me of how Koha`s PV`s was.

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