SI☆NA Announced They Are Disbanding

1 03 2011

Upfront Kansai made an announcement that SI☆NA will be disbanding after their final concert Tanosina Stage.

It’s quite unfortunate that the group had to disband but SI☆NA has been inactive for a while so I’m sure many fans saw this coming. I find the news quite sad since SI☆NA didn’t even get any releases and while I haven’t seen their performances I’ve read that they all had quite potential.

Currently there’s no announcement as to what will happen to the members but hopefully they’ll be able to remain as a part of H!P and continue some sort of activity.

I know that SI☆NA didn’t have many fans but to all fans out there please continue to support them in their final moments.

Their last concert is set for 4/17.

SI☆NA Blog Announcement

H!P Kansai Statement




4 responses

1 03 2011

This is unfortunate, but at least this allows the members to find work that will, like, actually have them doing something. =\
Also, UFA’s YouTube account has several of their performances, so you can see some of their talents. Rio Miyazaki’s, as well. =3

1 03 2011

This is quite sad. I hope all their true fans attend. I can’t say I was because I never got a chance to see them shine :(

1 03 2011

This is the first time I even heard of them :/

2 03 2011

Eh, you weren’t missing much.

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