C-ute – “Chou! WONDERFUL 6” Songs Previews Released

1 03 2011

2 new songs from C-ute’s 6th album titled Chou! WONDERFUL 6 have been released.

I would also like to note that recently, Tsunku had commented on the songs of the album and revealed that there was not going to be any solos, but only 1 song where each girl is main, which is great since it means taht Nakky, Maimai and Chisato will each have a lead song to do a balance.

Until now, 2 songs have been released as radio rips which are Midnight Tempation and 3ban hoomu 3ryoume: Midnight Tempation is the other group song of the album along with Chou WONDERFUL! where each girl get to sing the almost same amount of lines, and the second song is Maimi’s lead.

Midnight Temptation

The song starts with a kind of heavy instrumental that is followed by a stopped beat, then the girls start to sing lines that are specially echoed and it makes a really cute surround sound. Nakky, Mai and Chisato then have each one line in a calmer and more R&B instrumental where Airi and Maimi do the chorus, followed by a repetitive use of “Oh Midnight Temptation”.

The group lines have to be the most impressive since we get to hear all of the girl’s voices sing wonderfully together on a fast-rythemed music before each having one solo line.

The music break in the song is also very remarkable since it mixes techno and retro music, and even though the song repeats itself in the second verse, it’s amazing to see that the second group song of the album is that great and has a wonderful lines distribution.

Overall, the song is really fast and cool which is a nice addition to the album when we remember the covers that have a very mature and dark theme, so it is a very nice song to go with Chou WONDERFUL and Kiss me Aishiteru as a group song.


3ban hoomu 3ryoume

Basically, the song is a very cute and calm song lead by Maimi, and I have to say that even though it’s hard to describe, the song itself and it’s feeling is really amazing and peaceful.

The new “lead” concept has been revealed through this song and I have to say that I really like it since Maimi gets to sing the verses with her wonderful voice that fits the rythm perfectly and the girls all together sing the fun part of the song, and I somehow always think of Ai-chan and Gaki’s duo Ano hi ni Modoritai probably because of the song’s start with the parted beats and of the general rythm of it.

The nice addition is the amount of single lines that Maimi get for being lead which makes me really optimistic for Nakky, Maimai and Chisato’s lead songs, as well as the soft “la la la la la” in the end of the song.

Overall, this song is really nice to listen to since it calms down and is really well coordinated with Maimi’s voice, the instrumental and the soft lyrics.

Hopefully other clear previews will be out soon.




3 responses

1 03 2011

Both these songs are great! I really love Midnight temptation; I’ve listed to it non stop for the last day or so. I like the fact that 3ban hoomu 3ryoume is a slower paced song, C-tue doesn’t get a lot of these types of songs. C-ute has really shined with their last three releases and I’m really loving the 5 member group size. Sometimes you have to prune away some of the limbs for the tree to grow strong.

1 03 2011

awesome, I’m not the only one that agrees!
I do think that the 5nin is best. I dunno, the 5nin seem better together and closer as friends than Erika & Kanna did when they were still apart of C-ute

1 03 2011

I’m really liking this ‘lead’ thing.

Finally we should here some Nakky lines~

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