Morning Musume – “Maji Desu ka Ska!” Short Radio Preview Released

26 02 2011

A short radio preview for Morning Musume’s 45th single titled Maji Desu ka Ska! has been released.

The preview is 1:26 minutes long which should give fans a pretty good idea of what the song sounds like since it includes the first part of the song until the chorus, and for the most part I love the song so far since the song has a really catchy and happy beat and also because everyone seems to have at least one line which seems like a great way for the 9th generation members to show off their skills.

If you heard the preview on Bijo Gaku then you pretty much have a good idea of what the first lines and the chorus sound like since Mizuki, Ikuta, Riho, and Kanon get the first lines, followed by Reina, Sayu, Mitsui, Gaki, and Ai, and even though we haven’t heard most of the song I really loved how the vocals sounded since they matched the happy beat of the instrumental.

The start of the song is really happy since we get to hear all of the members cheering and even though it seemed like it played for a bit too long it added a happy feeling to the song and along with the ska beat and the many instruments the song follows the same feeling throughout the preview.

So far reactions for the song have been either positive or negative (mostly positive), which is understandable since the song completely changed Momusu’s image but I am glad to see that they decided to do a happy genki song for the 9th generation since it fits well with their ages and it also gives us a nice change of sound for fans of “Genki” Momusu to enjoy.

Overall the song sounds amazing so far since it has a happy genki beat with great vocals, and even though the song is a big change from their past releases it seems like this song will be a great way for fans to enjoy a small change of sound since the ska beat and upbeat instrumental with many different sounds definitely give this song a unique and amazing sound.

Hopefully we get a full preview sometime soon along with a PV preview since it will be very interesting to see what kind of theme, dance, and lineup it will have.

The release date is set for 3/23.

Video uploaded by: omameomameomame6

EDIT: Here is another preview in case the video above is removed, it features a translation of the lyrics so if you don’t understand the song I suggest you watch this one as well:

Video uploaded by: xSniperx




32 responses

26 02 2011

Oh wow!! This sounds great, omg I can’t wait for the PV and single now *o* The 9th generation members have done some really nice vocals here <3

26 02 2011


Cant wait for the PV!


26 02 2011

I love it!!!!!

26 02 2011
Dave Snow

Oh no. IMHO, This is the worst single they’ve come out with in a while. This is just not MoMusu style. Sounds like something S/Mileage should have recorded. For me, seems like C-ute and Berryz have been getting the best singles lately. I know, I know—- just my opinion. So don’t hang me.

26 02 2011

Yes, according to recent releases, this sounds exactly like a S/mileage song. But MM just added four new members and the company is currently searching for a new image for the group to match. By the time Aichan leaves, they should have a distinct sound once more, but this all depends on the members and management. =3


Personally, this is a very entertaining song. Curious of the choreography and the PV and its attires. And since I’m very pro-equal line distribution, this has made me happy. =3

27 02 2011

What are you talking about this is classic Morning Musume! How long have you been a fan? :3 I’m not going to hang you XD this is like “Koko no Iruzee!” = classic Monusu <33333

27 02 2011

Ikr! Sounds EXACTLY like koko Ni Iruzee!

26 02 2011

@Dave Snow: Remember, once Ai & Gaki graduate, there’s a good chance they’ll go back to more happy, upbeat songs. xD

I’m totally lovin’ this song already! <3 From what I can tell, everybody's gonna get at least a line, which should keep critics at bay (for now). :3

I personally love the fact that they decided to do a "genki" song. Not just because of the 9th generation but their singles lately have been, well, the complete opposite of "Maji Desu ka Ska!" Their songs like "Nanchatte Renai" and "Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game" are great but a little variety is good, ya know?

26 02 2011

I kinda agree with Dave. I would rather have a song that was more like Koko Ni Iruzee. You might say the past is the past but I just like that SOUND better than this one. But maybe I will like it when I hear the whole thing. Dunno.

26 02 2011

Koko ni Iruzee is a really great song, but “Maji Desu ka Ska!” has a few similaries with it. Even if they don’t sound exactly the same (Koko ni Iruzee has a slightly more mature? feeling to it?), they’re both up-beat, “genki” songs.

I guess “Maji desu ka Ska!” might be a bit too “childish” for some of the current members, but I still think it’s going to be a great single. I hope you end up liking it, too. :)

27 02 2011

I guess its the way the instruments sound for me. I dont mind the genki-ness or the lyrics…

26 02 2011

This song is sooo good!!!
People please give it a chance, i guarantee it will grow on yuu!!
I’m soo excited to see this single pv. i really wanna see it right now!!!
The ninth generation is sooo gonna own this song.
And guys, yuu should expect morning musume to continue with their mature image when 4 fresh and young idols just joined the group. Morning Musume is constantly changing and that means constantly changing their image in order to fit the members at the time.
Personally, although i loved onna to otoko no lullaby game, this is the best single ive heard since shouganai yume oibito. It’s soo different and it’s really refreshing.
i hope all goes well with this single and Morning Musume!!
MoMosu fighting!!

26 02 2011

I kinda feel thats what it is too. Since I am used to mature sounding songs compared to this one… I will wait to hear a clear rip then. :)

26 02 2011

Awww, I love it! This is the first really lively, happy single they’ve released since I’ve been a fan, and I have to say I can’t wait for more. I just hope my Risa sticks around for a while to enjoy it.. I might be biased but I love her deep voice in this preview ^-^

26 02 2011

If you guys are wondering the about the line distribution for the 9th gen members, I was watching the Bijou Gaku episode, and the order of the girls’ lines goes Riho, Erina, Kanon, Mizuki.

I love Momusu’s new sound! And yeah, it definitely does sound like a S/mileage song, but it’s nice to hear a upbeat happy song once in a while.
And the 9th gen sounds awesome! My favorites are definitely Kanon and Fuku-chan :)
Riho has a very crisp clear voice. Erina sounds A LOT better on the recording than I though she was going to sound! Kanon’s voice is really unique, kinda deep. She reminds me of Saho Akari a little, or maybe JunJun. And Mizuki’s voice is really on point! I expected her to do well because she did AMAZING in Shugo Chara Egg!

26 02 2011

I really like it. I think with most of the new members being so young, it’ll be hard to push a mature song on them so quickly. Plus, it’s been a while since we’ve had something more energetic and happy. Hopefully Tsunku won’ push the new generation into the shadows after this song. I have high expectations for this gen.

26 02 2011

Love Ai-chan’s and The 9th generation voices =D, The chorus too woohoo~

26 02 2011

I’ve relieved many 2ch fans(=HP wota fans) welcome this song. Not a few fans pointed out that this song resembles to Smileage’s.But lyrics are completely different,for example,”日本の元気はどうなりますか?”=Nihon no genki wa dou nari
masuka?=What is Japan’s energy like?, “おー、この星には”=Oh,kono hoshi niwa=
Oh,on this globe,”夢をかなえよう”=Yume o kanae yo-u=Let’s realize your dreams,
“どんな時でもポジティヴに”=Don-na toki demo pojitibu ni=Always be positive,etc .
Tsunku often use Nihon(=japan) or hoshi(=globe) in Momus’s songs.But many other rival groups usually don’t use these words in their lyrics. I think Mr.Tsunku is a philanthropist,it seems he always anxious about peoples in low spirits ,business recession or world’s pease .(He often writes these topics on
his blog.) Perhaps he produse this song for not Momusu fans but all peoples in the world.

26 02 2011

I’m loving it. So much actually. It’s veeeerry catchy. The ninth gen sounds great as well <3

26 02 2011

I’m sorry for mistake of my sentence. In above my articles,~”this song for not
Momusu.”…is wrong. “this song for not only Momusu fans but also all peoples
in the world….is right.

27 02 2011

Yay~ Koko Ni Iruzee sound :D

27 02 2011

This is a good start for the 9th gens~
I think, since the 9th gen members are teenagers, their music style should change.

I can’t imagine how the 9th members singing momusu’s mature songs like onna to otoko no lullaby game

Well, anyway, I hope this single will sell better than their last singles. Let’s hope for a #1 rank in oricon chart XD

27 02 2011

The video has been deleted! Here’s another one for those who haven’t heard! ^__^

27 02 2011

OMG, I love this!♥ Can’t wait for the pv :D
I love to hear happy and fast songs from Morning musume!

27 02 2011

Wow what a terrible song! This sounds exactly like an S/mileage song. Every time MM puts out a new single I get my hopes up that it will be a good song (oh! well).

28 02 2011
Dave Snow

My sentiments exactly. Gosh, when are they gonna do another really cool song like Genki+ or As For One Day or The Manpower??? Those were GREAT Morning Musume songs. This is just too fast and too “S/mileage!”

28 02 2011

I know now that I’ll miss the shouganai yume oibito era… But maybe I just have to get used to this sound, and to not listen for Eri’s voice all the time:(

28 02 2011

I feel your pain :( eri was my fav MM member

28 02 2011

My thoughts: I love this song! :) I know fans are going to miss the serious-mature era (Resonant Blue, Nanchatte Renai) but Morning Musume has always been changing and I think their 45th single has a nice catchy tune.

28 02 2011

After listening to the song about a few more times, I’m very impressed with 9th gen’s voices, it’s not “squeaky” at all and from this it seems like Sayu has also improved so I’m very very excited for this single :)

1 03 2011

I believe Reina and Ai-chan lead this XD Reina got 2 lines from the preview part, so I’m guessing Ai got 2 lines from the second part :D XD

1 03 2011

whaaa I love the lyrics~!!TT_TT
especially the part when they say:”I’ll sparkle excessively as I bloom” :X

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