New Morning Musume Profile Pictures For “Maji Desu ka Ska!”

25 02 2011

The official H!P profile page for Morning Musume has been updated with new profile pictures for their 45th single Maji Desu ka Ska!.

We have already gotten a chance to see the outfits for the new single (I didn’t know they were for the new single until yesterday, I though it was only a picture to show off 9-nin Momusu) but it’s great to see that individual profile pictures have been released since fans can get a closer look at each individual outfit and choose their favorite look for the single.

Ai-chan has a cute red blouse with a jean skirt and black shoes as well as a long hairstyle and cute earrings, and even though this picture was taken before she cut her hair I really love the way she looks since it has a mature style but with a cute look that makes her stand out.

Gaki has a similar outfit style as Aichan (blouse and jean bottom) but she has cute beige colored boots and a colorful necklace and bracelet as well which look amazing on her, and even though I am slightly biased to her since she is already my favorite member (along with Sayu and Kanon) I really love the way she looks a lot since it is a great casual style.

Sayu has a different style of outfit since she has a white dress shirt along with a colorful flower skirt and cute shoes that match her top, and despite her having a skirt that is a bit too colorful I loved the way she looks since it seems like a cute outfit that matches her personality.

Reina seems to have a punk styled outfit complete with two bows (UFA loves bows), one black bow with skulls in her hair and another polka dotted bow on her top, and along with the striped black and white top, white skirt, and black boots, her look is simply among the best of the group since it fits her personality really well.

Mitsui has a uniquely styled outfit with a blue patterned outfit with pants, a studded belt, as well as zebra and (what appears to be) cheetah styled scarfs, and even though she looks good her outfit doesn’t seem to have a casual look, although the color and style of the outfit really make her look more mature.

Mizuki has an interesting outfit as well since it has a similar black and white striped style as Reina but her top and bottom have a “patched” look that looks great (and slightly seems like it has an optical illusion style), and along with that she has cute black boots, a studded belt, and great necklaces which all look amazing on her.

Ikuta has a dark gray blouse along with black shorts, a studded belt (bigger than the other members), black necklaces as well as black boots which really make her stand out from the other members since her style seems to be most mature, and even though the belt seems to stick out quite a bit I really liked the way she looks in the picture.

Riho has an interesting style since it seems to match Reina’s slightly punk look due to the interesting top, the white and black puffy skirt, the shiny belt, and her cute black boots, and even though the top seems to be a bit too distracting I loved the way she looks since it goes along with Reina’s style.

Kanon has a casual look as well with a jean colored vest, black and white striped tank top, short black jean shorts, cowboy boots, and a cute scarf and bracelet, and she is easily among my favorites for the 9th generation since her look is pretty cute and makes her stand out from among the other members

There doesn’t seem to be that much color in the outfits (apart from Ai-chan’s bright red top that makes her stand out quite a lot) which is a unique look that somewhat goes against the genki style of the single, but apart from that minor detail I really loved how each outfit had a unique look that made each member stand out in their own way.

It’s somewhat hard to choose my favorite looks for this single but I really loved how Ai-chan, Gaki, Sayu, Reina and Kanon looked since their styles seemed to fit in with their personalities a bit more than the others, although for the most part every member looked great and had a unique style.

Hopefully everyone likes the way the outfits look since I am personally impressed with the more casual styles of this single, and even though there were a few minor details that stood out quite a bit (Sayu’s really colorful skirt, Ikuta’s belt, among others) I loved the way all of the members look.

I’m really looking forward to this release since the outfits, sound, and general theme of this single are all amazing so far.

The release date is set for 3/23.

Official H!P Profile Page For Morning Musumef




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25 02 2011
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25 02 2011

That’s weird. o-o
I hope they have different PV outfits…/small chance/
It just doesn’t fit the genki-ness. And Ai and Reina really stick out… :/
Seriously, whoever decided these outfits…Black and white and pale colours…and then two members with bright colours like red and hot pink. >_>

25 02 2011

It’s hard to remember Aika’s not the baby anymore!

25 02 2011

There will most definitly be 2 outfits for this single so people should not worry!!!
Anyway, i think these pictures and outfits are perfect.
They’re casual, fresh and young. Each member looks different and they all look amazing.
Personally, when i saw Aika’s outfit i literally screamed “OMG I WANT THAT OUTFIT!!!” it looks absolutly amazing on her and I’m glad she’s in something really different from every1 else. I guess since she’s my favorite member at the moment, I’m alittle bias toward her.
Anyway, I don’t really like Ai’s outfit. The shirt is alittle too red and I would’ve rathered her in shorts than a skirt.
Gaki looks fantastic as always. I want her outfit as well!!!
I like Sayu’s outfit, but it’s not really my style. I don’t think it flatters her body either.
Reina looks like Reina. Her usual style.
I really like all of the ninth generation’s outfits because they’re all soo different from one another. I literally want them all. lmaoo
they’re soo cute.
k soo this is going to be one amazing single from morning musume. I’m sooo impressed.

25 02 2011

O god the outfits suck! O_O

They dont even match!!!! WTF!

26 02 2011

They don’t have to match…?

I don’t really see the problem. The outfits look nice, even if they don’t “match.” Personally, I think the outfits work well together. It might be the fact that all of the outfits have black (some more than others) and well, it’s not as though the colors don’t compliment each other; Black and red, pink and white, black and white, gray and white, etc.

Besides, these outfits could probably just be the ‘cover outfits’, just like C-ute’s “Kiss Me Aishiteru.” There’s a good chance that they’ll wear different outfits for the PV, so worry not and be calm.

26 02 2011

Riho = 2nd Reina

So cute ^W^

26 02 2011
Jam Felipe

Ai-chan is cute!
Sayumi and Reina are oh la la~~!
I don’t really look at them but Riho catch my attention,

26 02 2011

OMG I really want Erina’s outfit!!! O_O and Riho’s skirt^^
I think they all look great in their outfits! now everyone will say that they don’t fit the song,but is just like C-ute’s Dance de bakoon,the white long dress doesn’t seem to match at first,but finally it looked good ;) so even if they don’t fit the genki theme,I don’t judge before I see the PV.

26 02 2011

I love love love Sayu, Aika, and Riho’s outfits~~~

Mizuki’s shirt hurts my head but I like it a lot too <3

26 02 2011

omg people do not worry!!!!
There will be other outfits!!!

26 02 2011

When I saw the outfits and heard the song, I started wondering if a pv like Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! would be a nice link =3

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