C-ute – “Chou WONDERFUL! 6” LQ Covers Released

25 02 2011

Left: Limited ; Right: Regular

Very small covers for C-ute’s 6th album title Chou WONDERFUL! 6 have been uploaded on H!P’s official site.

Although the covers are really small, we can still get a general theme and get to see the background, poses, outfits and more that are used in this cover and to say the least, I’m very surprised.

First of all, the first thing we notice is the kind of metallic and dark theme the covers both have which is quite unusual for C-ute, specially when the album is named Chou WONDEFUL! (so wonderful), which micght have had us speculate about something energetic, fresh and fun.

Although it’s not the case, the covers really stand out since the outfits and the hairstyles that the girls have are very unique. They are all wearing similar metallic silver and black outfits that seem to differ only by the position of the belts along with one sock on their left leg and something similar to war boots. Their hairstyles are also similar and are contituted of high ponytails with sided bangs for Airi, Mai and Chisato, with bangs for Maimi and bang-free for Nakky.

The background used in both covers is also very neutral and futuristic with the silver wall they stand against in a profile formation in the Limited Edition and the long dark tunnel they walk in in the Regular Edition.

Overall, if we take out the energetic theme from our minds, the covers seem really interesting and have a new image for C-ute which is always good to see.

The release date is set for 3/23.

Note: The outfits and haircuts the girls are in are the same ones used for the promotional poster of their upcoming spring tour: (click for bigger)


H!P official discography page for C-ute




5 responses

25 02 2011

OMG C-ute is getting all k-pop style O_O when I saw the covers I was a bit shocked,I see that C-ute is getting more matured!XD and that it’s not bothering me,but they need to change their name,beacause they are not “cute” anymore XD

25 02 2011

You don’t need to be stereotypically cute in order to be “cute”, so I disagree with the name change. There is always something cute about everyone and with the girls maturing, we are able to see the mature side of being cute. =3
(Of course, that’d make a lot more sense were I able to convey what I meant properly)


Okay, one word: PSG.
Tsunku (or cover-dude-photographer-whatever), have you been watching TV lately? I’m seriously just waiting for them to begin the dance >D
(Tad off in position, but same feeling~)

26 02 2011

hey it’s me again XD the thing with “changing name” was just a joke,of course they should keep their name,even if they are mature they are always cute!=3 (especially Airi :) )

25 02 2011

they look awesome!!!
even if they’re tiny you can still tell they’re really cool!

but, ugh i wish Nakky would stop tying her bangs back that way, her hair line is wierd and not very flattering..

26 02 2011

Haha, I love how they’re all sporting the Goo Hara high ponytail. Looks good on them! :D

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