Morning Musume – “Maji Desu ka Ska!” Short Preview Released

24 02 2011

A short preview for Morning Musume’s 45th single titled Maji Desu ka Ska! has been released.

Technically the preview is just a Bijo Gaku segment featuring the 9th generation practicing and recording a few lines of the song, but we do get to hear a good part of the song and a few seconds of the instrumental throughout the episode which should give us a pretty good idea of what to expect for the single.

The video shows each member from the 9th generation receiving the lyrics of the song, practicing the song, going to vocal lessons, recording their lines at a studio, 9th generation listening to their song, and Fukumura crying once she listened to the song (due to happiness) and I really recommend everyone watch it from start to end since it’s a great way to find out how the new members practiced for their debut single.

As most fans speculated the song has a ska sound, and it’s somewhat hard to explain but the song has a genki, fast paced, happy sound to it which is really catchy after you listen to it a few times and along with the fast paced vocals it sounds like an incredible and unique song so far.

My first reaction upon hearing the song was that I didn’t like it that much since it was really different from many past releases , but after I heard the recorded version and the lyrics I started to love the way the song sounded since it was upbeat, catchy, and sounded like something most Momusu fans haven’t heard in a long time.

Each member did an amazing job singing and I really liked the way Mizuki and Kanon sang the best since they seemed to be on key a bit more than the other members (Kanon had a few problems with tempo though).

Riho sang really well, and even though she had a few problems with the high notes she managed to overcome them and sing her lines well, along with Ikuta who seemed to be a bit nervous but did a great job at the end.

Since the preview we heard isn’t the full song (or a preview at all) I can’t judge it completely since we only get to hear the 9th generation sing, but I really look forward to hearing the full song now more than ever since the theme and sound are pretty impressive.

The video is about 14 min long but if you don’t want to wait that long to hear a short recorded part of the song with the voices of the four 9th generation members then I suggest you skip to 12:32 where they play a part of the recorded song, or you could skip to minute 7:00 where the members are recording the song in the studio, or you could watch from the beginning and see each member receive and practice the song lyrics.

Since this isn’t technically a preview of the finished song I hope most fans don’t judge the entire single based on just the few samples we see in the episode, but instead wait for the finished song which should air in a few days in one of the Momusu member’s radio shows (many fans are speculating that we will hear a preview on Sayu’s show this Saturday).

Like always the video will probably be taken down soon since it is a TV show segment so please watch it as soon as possible, but hopefully we get to hear a preview soon since the song sounds very impressing so far.

The release date is set for 3/23.

Video uploaded by: maifix

EDIT: A video with the short preview of the recording has been uploaded on Youtube, it only features the recording that starts at 12:32 on the video above so it should be an easier way for fans to find out how the song sounds without seeing the entire segment on Bijo Gaku:

Video uploaded by: xEriJunLinx




15 responses

24 02 2011

I had so much fun watching this~ <3
I really fell for Yasshii when she couldn't reach the high notes – I have trouble (a lot) with them and could totally relate. Eripon seems that she'll be getting really good within a year, just by judging the way she trains; better with a piano which makes her seem traditional in some sense. She has a better idea of emotion than Zukkii does (see my comment for her below).
Fukuchan is very good at this and she really does love being a MM member, I don't think I'll ever tire of her tears filled with happiness! Zukkii seems to still be getting the hang of emotion, such as portraying energy when needed instead of only before others or recording – she'll probably get better at this as she learns/trains for the other songs.
Overall these four are very nice to listen to. And we have a good idea how their vocals for singles will be for a while (unless a major skill boost happens). But I'm curious on if the colours used to represent their lines (Riho = red; Eripon = orange; Fukuchan = blue; and Zukkii = green) or are just to show differentiation. Besides that, this song is so fun~ Been so long since such an energetic song came from MM and though I love their mature sound, their energetic sound is perfect for this lineup; at least 9th gen. I wonder how Mittsi will sound in this. =3

24 02 2011

i like it. A LOT!!
it’s really different from the more mature releases but Morning Musume is a group that can do a lot of different styles and this is what I like that most about them! This song sounds great and upbeat and just seems like it wil be a lot of fun!
i’m so excited for Momusu’s future!

24 02 2011

So fucking cute!! I’m so excited to hear the rest of the song! And the bside!! OMG!! <3
Love it!

25 02 2011
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25 02 2011

OMG this song is PERFECT~!X3 it’s fun,warm,and cute,thew type of songs that I like to hear! I think all of them done a good job,it seems that Riho cannot hit all the notes when she sing very fast XD but I love her :X I think Fukumura’s voice suits the best for this song!:D

25 02 2011

Was waiting to pre-order until I heard something of a preview: safe to say I pre-ordered this yesterday. I like to call it Koko ni Iruzee II ;)

Kind of curious how the other members voices will mix in with the 9th gen in the final song. At least they all got a solo line. The deserve it.

25 02 2011


Arghh! It’s stuk in my head! >.< Made me so happy when Mizuki cried at the end :) Such a sweet girl! I'm so glad everything worked out for her :D

25 02 2011

Awesome pants. bring it!

25 02 2011

Awhh, Fukuchan <3
I'm probably being biased, but I think Kanon sounded the best. (So far)
Ughhh this will be such a good release.
I know there's songs like Genki Pika Pika, but I can't imagine the mature and powerful voices of Ai and RIsa singing this. Sayu, Reina and Aika, yes. XD I'm sure it'll sound awesome though.
But before the single is released…comes the concert!! :D

25 02 2011

I don’t get how anyone couldn’t like this song immeidiately! I fell in love straight away because I’ve been longing for the genki of the past.

The 9th gen sounds great, and I think the older ones will still suit this song, they sound good in Koko Ni Iruzee! in concerts, so why not other genki songs?

25 02 2011

OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 02 2011


25 02 2011


Lolz… Riho is cute when she was trying to do the highnotes!!! XDD

26 02 2011

YES!!! This is the exactly “MOMUSU SOUND”!! energy,power,dancable upbeat song! I’ve waited for long time this type of song. I suppose Tsunku may produce this song for the peoples who are in low spirits. On Japanese 2ch(=HP
wota’s forum),many fans evaluate the 45th highly and say this song is suited for
concert,at coming Spring concerts, fans’ excitements will get heated!
And I evaluate Tsunku that he maintain “Momusu original style” in this song which distinguish Momusu from many other girls’ groups.I think this is one of the most important factor for Momusu’s longevity.

1 03 2011

Hey, I’m so thankful for you blogging news, keeping me updated. Thanks! But lately, I haven’t followed h!p much, and so I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of stuff. I just wanted to ask if you have any idea if there’s any subtitled 9th gen auditions videos?
thanks <3

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