Berryz Koubou – “Heroine ni Narou ka!” PV Released

22 02 2011

The PV for Berryz Koubou’s 25th single titled Heroine ni Narou ka! have been released.

The PV features an amazing amount of shots and angles, from the dance shot in front of a colored light background to the Lady Gaga inspired closeup shot of each member singing in front of a white diamond shaped circle in front of a black background as well as a shot of each member waiting for someone, the PV far surpassed any expectations I had about the single and made me love the single even more since the PV is one of the most impressing I have seen from H!P so far this year.

The dance shot is the main highlight of the PV but instead of the regular stationary background we get a chance to see an even more impressive background with many different lights flashing against the wall and the few piles of squares on the floor, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the result since the light show complements the dance and the sound of the song perfectly making it a very impressive shot that seems to be planned out and done really well.

The dance is also very creative since we get to see all of the members move from side to side, and along with the lights in the background and the song it made the PV seem very exciting and upbeat, somewhat similar to Dakishimete Dakishimete and the disco background with the flashing lights but definitely a step up since the colors and patterns that appeared were all simply impressing.

The other shot that seems to be the most talked about by fans is the close-up shot since each member of Berryz is seen wearing a white wig with a few symbols on their face (somewhat similar to Lady Gaga in one of her videos), most notable Captain with a thunderbolt, Momo with a heart, Miyabi with a diamond, Chii with a rainbow, Risako with a star, and Maasa and Kumai with a silver design that’s somewhat hard to describe.

The close-up shot features a white diamond patterned circle in front of a black background and even though I haven’t seen or hear Lady Gaga that much I have to admit that this shot turned out pretty amazing since all of the members looked great and apart from featuring the normal one screen shots we also get to see multiple screens that add a cool look to the scenes.

The other shot features all of the members of Berryz Koubou waiting in various locations (it starts at 2:17): Momo with a cellphone on a bench, Kumai in a room with her cellphone, Captain sitting against a wall, Risako holding a photo in a bed, Maasa in a cafe, Chii with a card, and Miyabi waiting outside of a building.

This shot seems to be just a small scene that somewhat shows off the meaning behind the lyrics, and even though it seemed to be a bit too short I did like the way each member looked and how well they acted as they got up and left after waiting for a while.

Overall the PV is an amazing step up from previous Berryz Koubou PVs since the quality of the shots and the creativity seems to have increased quite a bit due to the amount of lights, scenes, and settings we get to see in the PV, and even though the PV doesn’t have more than 3 shots the angles and the look of each shot more than makes up for it.

It seems that UFA has changed their approach to PVs lately since this PV along with C-ute’s PV for their single Kiss me Aishiteru both had a completely different look than previous releases. The standard UFA formula for PVs used to be “dance shot + close-up = PV” but now we are getting a chance to see even more uniquely themed PVs with many impressing shots and light effects, which is a great step for UFA since it has impressed me and slightly raised my expectations for Momusu’s PV.

Hopefully we get to see this single sell quite a bit more than their last single since the promotion (one show performance and talk), single covers, single tracks, and PV have all impressed me so far, and I really hope that all Berryz Koubou fans plan on buying a copy of the single (or the tracks on iTunes) since this single looks amazing.

The release date is set for 3/2.




13 responses

22 02 2011

May I be the first to say that this PV is WONDERFUL. Truly wonderful.
The girls all look great in their Gaga-esque outfits. The only problem I have there is the heart on Momo’s face.
The vocals are wonderful and very evened out for once.

Soooo many special shot PV release opportunities! SO MANY!

22 02 2011

Oh my gosh, it’s amazing O_O I really love it <3333
Is it me, or is this mv, plus C-ute's Kiss Me Aishiteru all starting to seem rather Korean-styled-ish…?

22 02 2011

yeahh i guess I could agree with you to some extent.
I love korean music and korean artists. I guess H!P pv’s lately have had some pretty intense dancing (as alot of korean female groups have) and more evened out line distribution
I wouldn’t be surprised if japan and china began to model the hallyu korean trend because they are doing so well throughout Asia that’s kind of making an impact on people.
But, they still have a japanese style to it that i like :)
i dunno, i really see a major difference between korean and japanese artists. but im not going to get into that :)

22 02 2011

I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls chose their makeup art themselves, as Momo’s is something she’d draw o.o
As far as the makeup art goes, I really love Chii and Kumai’s. Clothing wise, Maasa, Risako, and Captain. But Maasa and Risako were the most stunning to me through out – such beauties~ <3
I kinda hate the choreography during the instrumental before the first line and after the last… seemed forced for the song (and I hated it when I saw it during the first footage showing this song during the Winter Concert). Rest of the dance was enjoyable. =3

23 02 2011

It is absolutely AMAZING!!!
They all shined through the PV and I can’t describe how happy I am to see Captain, Maa and Chii have so much screantime!! <3 This is the real Berryz! ^_^

Chii's face glitter was absolutely amazing!! <3
Best release for BK after Dakishimetex2!!

22 02 2011

I really love the song it reminds me of TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY and Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteru YOU KNOW? which are some of my favorites from them. The PV I’m really in love with <3 I think they all did a really great job with this single and I hope it gets promoted well! ^^

23 02 2011

haven’t watched the pv yet because i’m short on time but looking at the picture on the video looks AMAZING!! It really does look Gaga inspired doesn’t it? Well Lady Gaga is awesome but can’t wait to see the pv :)

23 02 2011

Momoko, Yurina and Risako look okay in the wigs. Miya and Chinami’s are too long and Captain and Maasa ROCK the wigs xDD I just wanted to share the very strange line count.

EVERYONE: 6 and Yurina: 3!! WOW. But She, along with Saki and Momo and Rii got to sing in the Chorus, but Yurina didn’t get any verse lines.

23 02 2011

I think Yurina got at least 7 lines, because it looks like the high voice in the after some lines is Yurina’s, strongly edited, like she is the one singing when you hear it.
Anyway, Maasa rocks in this <3

23 02 2011

Counting the modified vocals, which are Kumai’s (the camera usually shows her lipysnching to them and/or showing her when they’re sung), Kumai has a total of 9 solos; 3 unmodified vocals and 6 modified vocals. This was probably done to please her fans as well as showcase more of the other members this time since “Shining Power” showcased a lot of Kumai.
Also, everyone had a line in the chorus. Everyone sang the group lines and each had a solo during the chorus. Do watch the video along with the song in case you’re confusing vocals.

23 02 2011

the make up is like KE$HA

23 02 2011



23 02 2011

Lady Berryz!

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