Berryz Koubou – “Heroine ni Narou ka!” HQ Covers Released

22 02 2011

Bigger covers for Berryz Koubou’s 25th single titled Heroine ni Narou ka! have been released.

The covers for the most part look amazing in better quality since we get to see a few more details about the pictures they used and what kind of theme we can expect from each version of the single, and since we get to see all of the versions in good quality it should help fans to decide the version they would like to get.

The regular cover features all of the members posing while smiling and as I mentioned before this is a pretty good cover since everyone looks amazing, but it features a somewhat simplistic theme with the members in front of a city background and the title for the single in sparkly rainbow words, but even though it might be simple I really like the way it looks.

Limited A

The Limited A cover features all of Berryz walking across a street while looking at the camera and posing and I really liked the way this cover looks since it features a somewhat more creative look with the city and cars in the background along with a picture of Berryz on the screen in the background with the title of the single alongside it, and I really loved it even more after seeing the higher quality since we get to see the members, cars, and even the image of Berryz in the background clearly.

Limited B

The Limited B cover features a similar theme to the other covers (it almost seems to be the background for the Regular cover) but instead of the members walking across a street or posing we get to see them holding up signs with the title of the single in a serious pose, and so far I liked the cover but the many titles seemed to be a bit excessive although the many Berryz references in the buildings were a nice touch.

Limited C

The Limited C cover is similar to many of their previous single covers since we get to see a collage of pictures of each one of the members, and upon seeing it I realized that each one of the members picture seems to be on a wooden stick, similar to the signs in the Limited B cover, and along with the many signs in the background it gives the single a nice look since the titles don’t seem to confuse the viewer and we get to see each member clearly.

Overall all of the covers have a unique theme that sets them apart from the rest of the versions, and since each member has a unique look they each stand out in their own way in each version, and even though the Regular cover doesn’t have that much of a creative look it should give fans a somewhat simpler way of supporting Berryz Koubou.

Hopefully all Berryz fans get a chance to buy a copy or two to support them since this single is really impressive.

The release date is set for 3/2.




4 responses

23 02 2011

I forgot which I bought…

23 02 2011

What’s with the Kumai Yurina promotion lately? Just because you suddenly stick a girl in the center doesn’t mean that people will start liking her, or will they?

23 02 2011

Kumai naturally stands out a lot since she is really tall, so I guess they either wanted to promote her since she has a great voice and seems to be the only main singer in the back most of the time or they wanted to balance out the look of the group by putting the tallest member in the middle ^_^

24 02 2011

The limited C is already my fave cover!

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