Bijou Gaku Change Title And Changes Time Slot

21 02 2011

Bijou Gaku is changing the show title to “Haropuro. Fan no Katagata ni Kakusan Kibou” and will now be aired 9:30am on Saturdays starting in April.

I don’t follow Bijou Gaku too much but this is the show that aired coverage on Morning Musume’s 9th gen Auditions. Also from what I’ve seen every week or so they air various clips of Morning Musume’s 9th gen members. I’m not sure what other segments were featured on this show, but with the title change and new time slot fans are speculating that the title change is actually a new H!P show in the making.

The translation of the new title is something like “To spread more Hello Project to the fans.” The title makes me think that the show will focus on a different member or H!P group every week and do some sort of trivia thing, but I’ve never really followed any of the H!P shows in general (like Hello Morning) so I don’t even know what to expect.

Also another thing to mention is exactly a year ago in April, Bijou Gaku replaced the previous Hello Project show, Bijou Houdan. So the theory that this is a new Hello Project show doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

For now it’s just a title change so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. April is still far away but hopefully all fans will be able to tune in to the first episode.

Official Bijou Gaku site




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21 02 2011


21 02 2011

According to reliable sources,Bijogaku will expand its capable watching area.
Bijogaku is capable to watch in limited Kanto area(Tokyo,Chiba,Kanagawa and Saitama prefectures) now. BS Japan,subsidiary TV station of TV Tokyo will begin to air Bijogaku,TV Tokyo also continue to air Bijogaku. Digital TV station BS Japan can be watched in almost all areas in Japan.Many H!P fans who live in except Kanto area have long waited for Bijogaku. Up Front may aim to campaign
the 9th members(Many of japanese don’t know 9th.) in nationwide covering BS

21 02 2011

That is quite interesting. That makes sense as to why the title is to spread all H!P news to fans. Now that makes me wonder if the new H!P show is something different or if it’s still Bijou Gaku being “re-aired” at a different time and all.

23 02 2011

Those sources aren’t reliable. While it’s true that coverage isn’t currently nationwide, it is far more than Kanto. Affiliates run the program on free TV in Osaka area, Shiga-ken, and Fukuoka.

In addition, countless other prefectures rebroacast the show on cable/antenna.

Now, it is indeed nationwide, but it is on satellite which must be paid for.

21 02 2011

oh its a long titel..
bijou gaku was fun…
though the mano segment and smileage was a bit too long…

didnt get mano’s segment though xD always skipped that…

looking forward to it :)

21 02 2011

I hope it’s more like H!M/Berikyu! thing. At least we still got to see the personalities of the girls with Bijo Gaku stuff, but not as much as previous shows.

21 02 2011
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21 02 2011

So great time slot and national coverage.
Is it to early to hope for a Hello!Morning 2?

22 02 2011

Hello-Sayunii, your getting slow at releases lately, I don’t think you’ve even posted about Berryz Koubou’s pv is out for Heroine ni narou ka!!! It pays tribute to the wonderful Lady Gaga in their close up shots!! Here’s the link!

22 02 2011

Sorry I saw the notice about it a few hours ago but I had an exam about 5 min after the PV was out, but I’m working on the post as I type this so please expect it in 45 min max ^_^

2 03 2011

It is Bijo Gaku, not Bijou Gaku. (two completely different words with their own meanings)

– Kerhim1

2 03 2011

The source I got this from used “Bijou” and I’ve seen others use “Bijo” so I wasn’t sure which was right so I went with the “u” since I just think it looks a bet better, thanks for letting me know though so that I can avoid that in the future.

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