Okai Chisato – “Solo Live 2011 Vol.1 ~Kaisha de Odotte Mita!~” CD And DVD Announced

18 02 2011

Okai Chisato’s CD and solo DVD for her 1st solo live titled Solo Live 2011 Vol.1 ~Kaisha de Odotte Mita!~ have been announced to be sold on e-Lineup, and are now up to pre-order.

The CD and solo DVD had already been announced to be sold at the event for fans who attend, so I didn’t post the any news regarding this earlier, but since now the DVD and CD will be sold online, many interesting things are to be mentionned.

CD cover

CD Tracklist:

1. Romantic Ukare Mode

2. LOVE Namida Iro



DVD cover

DVD Tracklist:

1. Dance de Bakoon! (Dance only)

2. Ooki na Ai de Motenashite (Dance only)

3. Yume Miru 15 (Dance only)

4. Kataomoi

5. LOVE Namida Iro


7. Bokura no Kagayaki

8. Romantic Ukare Mode

10. Dance de Bakoon!

11. Suki Sugite Baka Mitai

12. Dearest

The CD includes only the 2 songs that Chisato has recorded and previously released on iTunes, which is always nice for anyone who couldn’t purchase them online, and as for the cover, the editing seems quite poor and their are no special effects or colors, but it willalways be a nice addition for Chisa fans to have her CD at home.

As for the DVD, the cover as well as the tracklist both seem really promising since it includes her performance of 3 dances for really energetic songs, as well as a nice choice of songs to perform such as ONLY YOU and Kataomoi.

The cover is more impressive than the CD cover since it features Chisa standing while aiming her finger at the sky, with spotlights behind her which create a nice effect, and the mention of  “Live in Heaven” is really cute, although on this cover also, the editing is still weak.

The incredible thing is that the DVD and CD have only been on e-Lineup for a few hours now, but they are already sold out. For that reason, an additional sale will be added soon so that fans who couldn’t provide themselves with a copy will be able to.

Hopefully everyone who wants to support Chisa will be able to get her CD/DVD in time before they get sold out again.

The release date is set for 25/2.

NOTE: The label that the CD was released under is UP-FRONT WALKS.

e-Lineup page about CD

e-Lineup page about DVD




8 responses

18 02 2011

I want to hear those songs~~~
That DVD cover looks really badly photoshopped. XD… What’s with her always wearing that same outfit as like “casual” clothes? UFA didn’t approve of anything else? XD

18 02 2011

The DVD tracklist on the e-LineUp website is totally different from the one posted in this entry. :o (This isn’t the first place I’ve seen it, I wonder where it came from..)

This is the tracklist from the e-LineUp website (and reported from her first event):
8.As ONE
11.ロマンティック 浮かれモード
14.好きすぎて バカみたい

18 02 2011

This is the tracklist on the e-Lineup page but everywhere else, the confirmed tracklist seems to be the one in the post..

I’ll make sure to double-check and I’ll edit it if it’s wrong but I’m still waitung to get a maximum of proof about the real tracklist..

18 02 2011

I didn’t know it was in more than one or two places. XD I just remembered that the one I saw reported at H!O matches the one on the e-LineUp page.

It would be odd e-LineUp would provide a tracklist that’s totally different from what you would get on the DVD they’re selling though.

I hope you’re able to figure it out. :)

18 02 2011

e-Lineup never gives bad or wrong information but since I check many sites to be sure, this tracklist is the most discussed..
I’ll probably change it though after I re-check today ..
Thank you again for your comment!

19 02 2011

UFA noticed she can sell well xD

I love the “UP FRONT WALKS”´s thing….a new label and the 1st girl is Chisato xD

4 03 2011

I uploaded Dearest from this solo live:

Check it out ^^

4 03 2011

Lool I already saw it on your blog and I’m amazed!!!
Thank you again for uploading it and sharing!! ^_^

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