Hello! Pro Eggs Event Announced

18 02 2011

A new event for H!P Eggs titled Hello! Pro Egg Haru Mankai Special in Shiodome AX has been announced.

The eggs participating in the event are : Saho Akari, Kaneko Rie, Takeuchi Akari, Miyamoto Karin, Katsuta Rina, Takagi Sayuki, Tanabe Nanami, Nagasawa Wakana and Kudo Haruka (The participants may change according to the website).

It’s really great to see that the Eggs will be able to hold a special event to show off their talent, and even though not everyone is participating, the ones chosen are among the best performers and will surely entertain everyone who comes.

It was mentioned that a handshake event will also follow where fans will be able to talk with their favorite members, which is always great to see.

Hopefully more details are released soon.

The event will take place on 3/26.

H!P official FC page about event




4 responses

18 02 2011

Great to see the Eggs being active. (FYI my favorite is Miyamoto Karin)

18 02 2011

I really like Saho Akari and they picked out really talented eggs so I’m happy about the news myself ^_^

18 02 2011


18 02 2011

It’s just a special event so not all the eggs get to particioate (it’s not like a concert where everyone is here!)
maybe the ones that weren’t pick out have other things to do on that day :)

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