Berryz Koubou To Appear On “Happy Music”

17 02 2011

Berryz Koubou will perform and have a talk segment on the show Happy Music.

Since most of their singles go unnoticed and with almost no promotion I was really happy to see that they have will be on a popular TV show since it gives them a chance to promote their single while talking with the hosts to show off their personalities to viewers of the show.

Even though the show will air somewhat late (from what I can see on the H!P site it will air from 24:58 ~25:53) it’s great that they will get a chance to perform on a show since it has been quite some time since their last performance on a non-anime show and since it will air near the end of February it will be a great way to increase sales when the single is released 5 days later.

Hopefully we get to see a few previews for the show before but I am really looking forward to seeing the performance and the talk when the show airs.

Berryz Koubou will appear on 2/25.

Official Berryz Koubou Media Page



3 responses

17 02 2011

I’ll take any promotion over no promotion.

17 02 2011

I’m so glad they are promoting it a little bit since they qare definitly releasing something new and more appealing!!
Hope it will help with the sales since Heroine ni Narou ka! Is yet an awesome release!

17 02 2011

yes! promotion! this is really nice! :)
hopefully this is a sign that H!P is planning more promotion for everyone! I hope more promotion is done with future singles and such~

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